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The complete beginners guide to pack lip balm

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Lip balms are a must-have for every person. Be it a man or a woman, every person keeps a lip balm with themselves now. There are many brands that work and manufacture some amazing lip balms and provide a wide range for customers to choose from. Even after putting effort into the product, they fail to grow as a brand. However, sometimes many small businesses outshine in this industry.

Manufacturers work hard on the formulation of their lip balms. However, they fail to work on providing unique and exquisite packaging to their lip balms. Packaging is the first thing people look at when they come across a product. Emphasizing and considering how your packaging will appear to the world is something a brand cannot turn its eyes on.

If you are someone wanting to start their own lip balm business, this is your ultimate guide to present your lip balms in a better way and have a good impact on the customer!

Never neglect the material that goes in the making of your lip balm boxes

A secure packaging material that is able to shield your lip balms is highly important. If your packaging is not strong, you might get your lip balms damaged during the shipment process. Therefore, in order to secure your lip balm, choose a fine quality and strong material for manufacturing your custom boxes.

Paperboard, Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardboard can prove to be the perfect fit for your lip balm boxes. Moreover, they are eco-friendly in nature which means they can be recycled easily. This thoughtful gesture that you would put in your lip balm boxes will create hype for your brand. Hence, your brand will be able to gain popularity!

Furthermore, you can also adjust the thickness of your lip balm boxes. These are some of the amazing benefits that come along with customization!

Make a graceful impact on the market with aesthetic box styling

Now, this is a very smart way to strategize the impact of your lip balm boxes on the market. You are not bound to stick to a certain ordinary box and can also choose various box styles for their lip balms as well.

You can go for:

Tray and sleeve boxes

Hexagon two-piece boxes

Gable bags

Auto Bottom boxes

Straight tuck end boxes

These box styles will highlight your lip balm boxes amongst many other brands of lip balms. Hence, you’ll easily be able to grab attention towards your lip balms!

Additional features to maximize the attractiveness

In order to make your brand easily recognizable amongst many other brands, add something to your lip balm boxes that help the buyers easily distinguish your brand from others. Adding the element of grace to your packaging can be done with the help of add-ons.

These add-ons are specially designed features that will make an exquisite outlook of your packaging. As a result, your lip balm boxes wholesale will easily stand out with the help of these elements.


Foiling will add elegance and grace to your lip boxes. You can use it to highlight the logo of your brand on your packaging. With this feature, your logo will become attractive and unique and you will be able to make an exquisite look for your lip balm boxes.

Embossing and Debossing:

With embossing and debossing, you can give an intense outlook to your lip balm boxes. They give a 3D effect to the logo or patterns on the packaging, making them eye-infectious!


The final touches are always considered to be very important. To give a final touch and details to your lip balm boxes, use coating. The coating will give a seal to your packaging. There are three types of coating for you to choose from; Glossy, matte, and aqueous.

The glossy coating will give a shiny exterior whereas matte will give a tough and exquisite exterior. However, the aqueous coating will give a high-end watery yet glossy exterior.

Strategize your budget

Since you’re a beginner entering the lip balm industry, you would be worried about your budget. However, you need to learn to fit in your budget without compromising on the establishment and growth of your brand. A smart way to fit in and strategize your budget is custom sleeve boxes wholesale, by which you will get a large amount of your customized packaging at relatively low prices.

With a whole purchase of your custom boxes, you get the bulk of your packaging without having to pay a high amount. Moreover, since now you have a larger amount of your customized boxes, they’ll be in use for a longer period of time as well!

With the help of all the points mentioned, you will be able to get the best and ideal packaging as your lip balm boxes. Henceforth, your brand will become easily recognized. You will get popularity which will lead to a major boost in sales!

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