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The importance of skincare for travelers is even though skincare might be the first thing you think of when you’re in mode of vacation, it’s still essential since sun, sand and sea can take their own toll on your skin. On a vacation at the beach it is essential to be extra vigilant to protect your skin from sun, sand and the sea and carry you beauty kit.

We all want to appear the best during our vacations. It isn’t easy to carry many makeup items on holiday days due to all the extra weight and space in a small allowance for baggage that you’d like to use for holiday shopping.

After lots of trial and error, I’ve finally gotten my holiday skincare and makeup down to a T and only carry what I absolutely require.

Check out the blog to know the things I brought along on my last beach vacation. And obviously I’ve included the essentials for skincare and makeup in one place to help you make your life easier.

Sun, sand and sea are what make a beach vacation an unforgettable experience. As much as you enjoy basking in the sun and swimming in the water but you must ensure the skin you are properly protected and subtly glowing when it comes to sporting the beach-inspired look. So if you’re going to the Vitamin sea in the near future, carrying these basic items an ideal concept…


Protect your skin

A day at the beach with no sunscreen? What a nightmare! In the summer months that UV rays are more powerful than ever before and could easily cause skin burns. If you don’t protect your skin with sunscreen could cause a lot of harm to your skin. We recommend using lakme sunscreen compact powder, which offers the benefits of both sunscreen and compact. It’s got the SPF40 PA++ mineral, and it’s extremely smooth for the face. It creates an outer layer of protection that blocks UVA and UVB radiations, thus protecting the skin from sunburn, dark spots and other skin problems.

Moisturize your lips

While you’re at the beach, keep in mind that sun rays can cause a smudge on your lips as well. When you pay particular attention to your body and face make sure to moisturise your lips with Lakme Lip Love too. It’ll provide your lips with moisture while adding a touch of color on your lips. Furthermore, it comes with SPF 15 to help shield your lips from sunburn!

Cover your body

The sunscreen compact can help protect your face but for your body, ensure that you apply lots of sunscreen lotion in order to keep your skin from getting sun-tanned. We recommend Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA. Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA. +++. It protects your skin from the 97% UVB Rays that can cause sunburns , while it protects the skin of UVA radiations.

You can see that glow

A beach-inspired look is unfinished without that glow of the highlighter. For those selfies with a sun-kissed glow ensure you use the highlighter from Lakme’s Absolute Moonlit to the top of your face.

Try a hint of bronzer

The bronzers look stunning when wearing a beachy style. To complete your sun-kissed look, make sure your apply the bronzer portion of Lakme’s Absolute Moonlit Highlighter to your cheekbones. As you do this make sure to blend it well to ensure that your makeup appears natural and flawless.

Skincare Essentials Skincare Essentials Sun Protection on the top

Sunscreen is probably the first thing I think of because it’s the first thing I think about when I go on vacation. Make sure you have a high-quality sunscreen. The greater the SPF, the more sun protection it provides. If you plan to spend time in the sun for a long time, the SPF 50 is a good option to bring with you. The spray sunscreen is a great choice since it’s easy to apply to those difficult to reach places and doesn’t require rubbing into. I also make sure my cream for face is a good SPF that I apply at night or occasionally with my sunscreen on my face.

A good conditioner and mask for your hair is essential since your sun-kissed beach locks require greater moisture levels than what you imagine. I applied the conditioner every day and a hair mask every each day for an extra dose of nourishment whenever my hair was feeling dry.

Make sure you have a general-purpose moisturizer such as Nivea Soft it can be used as an moisturizer for the hands and body, a lotion and even a face moisturizer. The salt of the sun and sea can cause the skin to become dry, making this the ideal one to keep.

I suggest the use of a night cream to improve your skin’s health at evening while you enjoy your restorative sleep. Wet wipes are important item to have for any occasion because they allow you to maintain your freshness and take care of any messes that occur

My favorite holiday makeup

There is no one who would like to spend their time making makeup when there’s plenty to discover and experience and, when it’s hot out, applying heavy makeup to the skin isn’t a good idea. However, we have to be at the best each when we go out. And how do I not forget my favorite cosmetics for traveling when I’m talking about skincare and beauty.

You are planning to go on a an upcoming beach trip? This post will be helpful for you. In my recent trip to Goa I observed that even after using a myriad of SPF-enriched items and wearing protective clothing my skin was badly and tanned. I’m curious to know what would be happening to me had I not utilized these products! Of course I’d been SUNBURNED(not Tanned)! !

So after my ranting, let’s get into the discussion right away. This is where I’ve attempted to come up with an inventory of the most essential skincare items and other items that I believe we need to have or carry on our trips to beaches. Other than beach clothes and flip-flops, jewelries such as sarongs, beach dresses, and a huge Tote Bag, I will try to write about the other things you need in this blog post. They include…

Products for skin care:

These include (a) Sunscreen that has SPF 50 or more, (b) SPF-enriched moisturizer (c) Body lotion (d) Lip balm that has SPF 15 or higher (e) Toner/face mist (f) Nail and hand cream (g) Blotting paper (h) Cleanse your face.

Products for makeup:

I like not to wear any makeup when heading out to the beach, however for evening events, you need to wear some kind of makeup. Therefore, I typically carry these items: (a) foundation/BB cream (a) foundation (b) Skin powder with SPF enhancement (c) lipsticks (d) Remover for makeup (e) Waterproof eyeliner (f) waterproof Mascara (g) Kajal. I also suggest that you bring the lip gloss you love and eye shadows.

Haircare Products:

The most important products include (a) Deeply replenishing shampoo (b) Conditioners that nourish the hair (c) Serum for leave-in (d) Dry hair, and (e) Caps for swimming.


All you require are stunning sunglasses to wear your beach-inspired look and also to shield your eyes from damage. It’s a fact that no one ever forgets The truth is that everyone has to have

Hats: We are in love with gorgeous floppy hats, do we? In addition to being beautiful the hat also shields hair and our face from sun-induced damage. Also, you can wear scarves to are a protection tool.

Wet wipes are another crucial product to include here. Yes, wet tissue helps remove all sweat, dirt or anything off your face. I have found them extremely useful so I thought of mentioning them this.

hand sanitizer: If have a similar situation to me and are and a hygiene lover, then this is an essential item to have in your travel kit. I always have hand sanitizer in order to clean my hands prior to touching my food items or my skin when I’m out and about. Therefore, I’d advise everyone to use this product as a travel friend.

Aloe-Vera Gel: I cannot be more grateful for this miracle. I’d recommend everyone take advantage of this powerful organic beauty cream. It aids in reducing irritation of the skin, eases itchy rashes, and helps to prevent sun damage. I promise to do this! Keep aloe vera gel in the refrigerator , and apply it to your skin. When you are to your home or apply it to your skin for immediate comfort from burning sun. You’ll definitely notice the difference, believe me.


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