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The Ultimate Guide on Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

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Back in the day, real estate professionals relied on getting physical to sell properties. They used to go door-to-door to hand out flyers, post information on different bulletin boards, and network around towns. But in today’s technologically advanced society, this old strategy doesn’t work anymore. Agents can now get more leads through various digital platforms, like Facebook.

Since the battlefield these days happen on online content platforms, real estate agents can now utilize Facebook to generate new leads and eventually boost their sales.

This powerful digital platform is known to be the most dominating and developed one. The average person spends about 35 minutes on Facebook each day, giving you enough opportunity to get to your target audience easily with your killer ads.

Read on for the ultimate guide on how to market properties on Facebook effectively.

Bring your properties to life by creating impressive videos

Bring your properties to life by creating impressive videos

Apparently, video marketing is an underutilized strategy in the real estate game. It is a challenging medium that every agent must use to showcase their properties’ best features. Also, just by showing your face on the videos, you can build trust and establish a connection with the viewers as well as gain credibility. Listings with videos are proven to have more inquiries than those that don’t have.

While videos won’t be the same as being there physically, these still give viewers a more realistic vibe into the property.

You may reach out to a trusted real estate photography company to help you create stunning videos that easily capture the attention of many online. And if you want to take things to a higher level, then make 360-degree videos to allow potential buyers to tour around the properties digitally.

More importantly, when uploading videos on Facebook, ensure that you always follow the recommended video specifications.

Achieve detailed level of targeting

Achieve detailed level of targeting

One of the best reasons why Facebook is the perfect platform to advertise real estate is because of its extremely detailed level of targeting.

You can simply use its various targeting options to layer on accurate preferences and guarantee that you find the best fit of prospects. Below are a few ideas for targeting options that may effectively work to get buyers:

  1. Targeting by Income

This could be the best filtering options for real estate professionals out there. You can scale down your target audience based on how much they are earning. Simply pick an income range and match it with the right type of property you have there. For example, those who have a higher income bracket, you can pair them with luxury homes or resorts.

  1. Targeting by Location

Choose specific radius or zip codes based on the region where you are selling properties. And if you have data about your previous clients, then you may review it. Your past selling history can help you target which radius people typically move.

  1. Targeting by Home Ownership Status

There are three options to choose from this target—first-time homebuyers, homeowners, and renters. Depending on the types of properties you are selling, this will certainly be helpful in finding the right individuals to sell your listings.

  1. Targeting by Lookalike Audiences

Through Custom Audiences, you can upload a list of people who recently purchased a property with contact information on Facebook.

Lookalike audiences are made based on your data. Once uploaded, Facebook finds similar profiles who are most likely ready to invest in properties.

  1. Targeting  by Age

It might be a no-brainer, but you still need to consider this option. Narrow down and target your audience with the right age bracket. Mere teenagers won’t be buying a million dollar property, so there is no use to show your ads to them.

Use descriptive and concise ad copy

Potential homebuyers are looking for well-taken photos and complete details of the property, including location, price, availability, and other important features.

However, make your ad copy space as descriptive and concise as possible. Never write a huge chunk of text, rather make it structured with the use of bullet points to convey information clearly.

Plan ahead your ad spending

Plan ahead your ad spending

As real estate agents, you know very well that there are peak months when people get ready to purchase a property.

During this peak season, it is highly recommended that you use Facebook to get a higher chance of selling your listings. In order to do this, you need to plan ahead and spend a little money for ads to reach a bigger audience.

Use testimonials and reviews

Let your happy and satisfied customers do the talking by writing good reviews and testimonials about your service. This helps potential buyers gain trust in you and at the same time choose you among other agents out there.

Promoting your listings on Facebook should not be daunting at all. It is definitely a brilliant idea to follow this ultimate guide, for you are sure to kill it. Sell your properties fast and watch them fly off the market in no time!

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