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Tips And Tricks To Take Care Of Brittle Nails

Tips And Tricks To Take Care Of Brittle Nails

There’s a distinct strength in having strong, healthy nails, regardless of whether you use with nail colors, opt to without polish, or just love the natural nail shades. Brittle Nails that are healthy (and even the result of proper cuticle care) are among those more obscure confidence boosters, such as wearing a designer pair of underwear for the sake of it or spending a lot on a great pair of socks to wear with your boots.

No matter if your nail treatment is self-care or an indulgence or simply regular maintenance to keep your nails in top form is an investment worth it. Here’s the good news healthy nails require time, not money.

The most effective way to build longer, stronger nails is to follow simple habits of life and not expensive nail tools. But having healthy nails involves kicking negative habits, like making use of your nail as a pocket knife. To get practical, useful advice on your nails, we spoke with the experts about the tips and tricks of nail treatment. Follow these guidelines and you’ll get stronger, longer nails in no time.

Not only for the sake of external appearance, but also for hygiene nail care is important. Learn how you can take proper care of your nails.

There are many people who are struggling with weak or fragile nails. If you’re one of those, there are a variety of methods to help them return to health. You just need to explore a few simple home remedies to assist you but there is a lot to do with precautions and measures. Here are a few tips that you can use to your advantage.

Spend a few dollars on Olive oil that is extra-virgin, and soak your brittle and thin nails for about ten to fifteen minutes each day for a month. You can repeat this after that, twice a week. This is an affordable method of treating the weakening of your nails.

Cuticle Cream

Apply a little cuticle cream daily because it can help to nourish dry cuticles and brittle nails due to the vitamin E contained in it. Massage your nails each evening before you go to bed. The reason that cuticles have to be looked after isn’t just about appearance, but when the cuticles have cracked or split it can increase the chance of developing nail infections.

Wearing gloves

When you’re doing your kitchen, cleaning your home or working in the garden, put on rubber gloves. Fingernails dry out split and peel due to cleaning agents and detergents. Make gloves your most trusted friend. Remember to wash your hands frequently using antibacterial soap can be rough on your nails. Find a mild cleanser and make sure to moisturize your hands.

Do not abuse your nails

Your nails aren’t instruments to break open soda cans and tearing bags, or for any other reason. Use a professional device to perform these tasks and stop using your nails for naught, and stop using them for any other purpose.


Don’t use fake nails

They are beautiful but stop making fake nails. Have you realized that the frequent usage of false nails could result in nail fungus? It is because they are attached to your natural nails , which leaves an opening between them which can become an ideal breeding ground for bacterial infection and fungus.

Beware of Acetone

Most nail polish removers have Acetone, which is extremely harmful on your nails. It causes dryness of your nails and increases the risk to breaking and chipping.


Nail Buffing

Make sure you have the nail buffer because it improves blood flow for the matrix of your nail, and smooths the edges that are uneven on your nails. For the best part the buffing tool provides the naturally shiny nails.

Healthy Diet

One of the main reasons why nails get fragile and brittle is due to the diet we eat. Changes to your food habits, including nutritious food items that are abundant in vitamin A, B,C, D and E, along with iron, folic acid, biotin, calcium, and zinc.

Moisturize your nails

Moisturizing is an established secret to healthy skin, yet it’s often omitted in the care of your nails. Although dry, brittle nails could be the result of a variety of reasons, they’re essentially crying out for water and therefore, consider making an appropriate amount of moisture as the basis of your nail-care routine. If you apply hand lotion pay your nails some extra care. There are a myriad of moisturizers for your nails that are available, however applying moisturizers is just one aspect of the equation. There’s much more to nail strength than just a fancy cream or serum

Avoid contact with water.

Do not stop washing your hands or showering with gloves on, however, take note of ways to cut down on the amount of time your nails are in water, as the constant contact with water can damage the nail’s structure. (Wet hair is particularly vulnerable and the same cautionary method you use to handle locks that are wet may apply to nail care too.) Consider wearing gloves while you’re doing the dishes or any other work that is wet.

Are you aware of how soft and bendy your nails become after a long soak? Take a look at these: “The nail is like it’s a sponge. It’s 1000 times more able to absorb liquids than skin for instance which means that water is able to easily penetrate the nail.” A prolonged exposure to water can cause significant stress on the delicate cell structures of the nail (called onychocytes) that can cause brittleness peelingand breakage.

Be gentle

The most effective nail care is gentle. Sometimes , people grab the pointy edge of the nail file, and they dig beneath their nails to pull the dirt out.

Don’t do this, as it could cause separation of the nail plate from the bed beneath it which can cause you to get a fungal infection caused by bacteria.”

Similar to this it is important to avoid using your nails to replace tools, no matter how handy it might be. (There are many inventive ways to open a bottle or bottle of soda.) If you decide to enjoy manicures with gel or acrylic, which is something you should avoid doing infrequently, proper removal is crucial. “When you take off your acrylic or gel nails off, you’re actually peeling nails’ layers, including the nail plate, and this is likely to weaken your nails, so it’s not a good idea.

Treat your nails like you treat your hair

The golden rule is now in force. The hair and the nails are made of keratin proteins therefore it is natural that the same guidelines for treatment apply. Hair and nails both are susceptible to becoming dry and damaged by excessive processing. Regular removal of polish as well as acrylics, gels, and polishes can cause damage to nails the same way dyes chemical, heat, and application can do to hair. In the same way that hydration can help solve hair problems such as split ends and frizz and split ends, it can also aid in improving dry and fragile nails. There’s nothing comparable to hair from a second day however, assuming that there are no hard and fast guidelines for the proper way to wash and care for your nails, as well as utilize your nails will aid in keeping them in good condition like your hair.

Check the weather

It can be tough time for hair, skin and nails. In addition, cold dry and humid weather cause nails to become more fragile, but the extreme fluctuations in temperature between outdoor to indoor temperatures could cause further damage. The transition from a warm office or home to frigid air can cause the nail cells to expand and contract frequently, which results in weakening of the cells eventually leading to breakage states. It is recommended to wear gloves in winter months and, as you can guess it, moisturize and moisturize to protect the skin on your hands and nails.

Take your time with the growth of nails

If you’re a frequent nail biter, you’ve experienced the satisfaction of getting your nails to the size of your fingers. Good habits and patience can pay off with taking care of your nails. However, the main priority should be on working out the best way improve the strength of your nails rather than solving the problem of how to grow your nails quickly. More powerful nails can result in longer nails if you follow proper nail care however, it takes time. If you’re struggling with breaking nails constantly and brittle nails it’s best to maintain your nails cut short until they’re stronger and then they’ll have the support they require to get longer.

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