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Top 30 Female Leads in Movies – Incluvie

Best movies with female lead

I decided to put together a list of some badass protagonists: Incluvie’s Top 30 Female Protagonists in Film. The characters that made the cut are in essence — girls that kick butt, challenge stereotypes/gender norms, and are just in general, great characters to begin with. Who says a girl can’t have some spunk?

1. Matilda

Matilda is a special girl with telepathic powers and a brilliant mind for her age. She frequently stands up to her ruthless principal and parents with both her smarts and psychic abilities.

2. Valkyrie

Valkyrie, AKA Brunnhilde is the ruler of New Asgard and leader of the Valkyries–warriors who swore to defend the throne. She is incredibly brave, determined, and a mighty protector of Asgard, fitting for a female lead.

3. Ripley

Lead icon of the Alien franchise, Ripley has survived, and tore through dozens of aliens throughout her many years. She is one heck of a fighter! One of the best movies with a female lead.

4. Toph

One of the main characters from team Avatar, Toph is a master of earth-bending. She shatters gender roles with her spunky attitude, tom-boyish mannerisms, and a passion for battling.

5. Princess Leia

Princess Leia is a strong willed politician and fighter who lead the rebellion against Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and numerous other threats against the galaxy.

6. Storm

One of the main team members of the X-Men, Storm is a master of controlling the weather to rain down upon Magneto and all the rest of the X-Men baddies in a pinch.

7. Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona kicks off in the Shrek series by being a wayward princess who is anything but a damsel in distress–she frequently saves herself from dangerous foes, saves Shrek and Donkey from whatever peril they are in, and even shows prowess in the martial arts.

8. Gamora

A key team member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora was originally a trained expert assassin under Thanos who abandoned her former life to fight for the side of good. She uses her quick wits and battle capabilities to help out the team whenever possible.

9. Rachel Chu

Rachel Chu grew up with a loving single mother – and went on to become a professor of game theory in economics in New York City.  She learns that her fiancé is part of Singapore’s elite. Of course she’s suave enough to handle his mother and the crazy rich socialites.

10. Furiosa

Furiosa was previously a war captain who abandoned her post to help free “The Five Wives” and teamed up with Max and a rag-tag group of rebels to overthrow the ruthless Immortan Joe. She is a hardly survivalist, driver, soldier, mechanic, and freedom fighter. Badass female lead.

11. Rey

Master of the force, Rey is the main protagonist of the Force Awakens trilogy. She has protected the galaxy from various dangerous threats, is intelligent, kind, brave, and is a sheer powerhouse!

12. Wonder Woman

Leader of the Amazons and founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman Diana Prince is an unconquerable warrior with sheer strength to rival that of Superman. Epic female lead and star.

13. Astrid

Viking warrior/dragon tamer of Clan Hofferson of the Hooligan Tribe, and the next Chieftess of Berk, Astrid is a force to reckon with!  She is one of the main protagonists of the How to Train Your Dragon series.

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