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Top 5 Resume Templates for Recent Graduates

Whether you’re an entry-level college grad or have plenty of experience, it’s time to upgrade your resume. A functional or hybrid resume format offers a solution that prioritizes your skills and internship experience over your work history.

Avoid putting useless buzzwords in your professional summary section like “ambitious” and “self-starter.” Instead, focus on specific accomplishments that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

1. Creative Resume Template

When it comes to finding a new job, your resume is arguably the most important document you’ll ever use. It can make or break your career, so you need to ensure that it’s as effective and impressive as possible. One of the best resume examples for different professions offers insights into the unique requirements of each field.

One of the best ways to do this is by using an accomplishment-driven format. This will help focus the recruiter’s attention on your strongest assets, whether it’s a project you did for free or an internship that helped you gain experience in the industry.

This template features a creative take on the traditional work experience section, with a two-column layout that makes it easy to fit your entire career history onto one page. It also includes a section for volunteer experience and an area to list your language fluency in a standardized language proficiency scale.

2. Modern Resume Template

This modern template combines white space with eye-catching fonts and alternative placement to create a standout resume. It’s a good choice for recent graduates who are still building their professional experience.

Instead of an objective or summary, this template features a “Skills” section at the top to draw attention to your most relevant skills. It also includes a place to list your online portfolio, which can help you showcase your creative work.

If you’re a recent graduate who is looking for a job in marketing, this is a great template to use for your resume. It has a bold color scheme and an asymmetrical design that will catch hiring managers’ eyes. It also features a space to add your LinkedIn profile.

3. Clean Resume Template

If you’re looking for a resume that is as clean as a blank page, this template is definitely for you. This template uses a minimal design to highlight important information for hiring managers, including your education and work experience. It also features a separate section for your skills and qualifications.

This template is also great for freelancers and can be customized to match your personal brand. It includes a PDF, MS Word, and Adobe Photoshop file for easy editing. The clean and simple layout is eye-catching and makes this template a standout.

4. Resume Template with Icons

The education section on a college graduate resume should go beyond listing degrees and diplomas. Add a few examples of your greatest hits like: “Created app that tracks 10,000 sensors and developed scalable MySQL database.” This type of info can make your recent graduate resume stand out among competitors.

If you don’t have a lot of work experience, highlight volunteer or school projects in the summary statement section. This is a great way to show off your skills and character.

This black-and-white template has a center-aligned layout that helps draw the recruiter’s attention to the most important information. It also has a sleek, clean design that is ideal for many industries and professions. This template includes a simple but eye-catching header and a full-size photo to help you stand out from the competition.

5. Functional Resume Template

Functional resumes focus on your skills and abilities rather than work experience. They are good for new college grads, people making career shifts, and those with gaps in their employment history. This resume format has a section called “skills summary” where you list your key competencies. For each skill, you describe its importance, how you developed it, and what results you achieved in doing so.

For the work experience section, you list job titles, company names, and dates. You can also include volunteer experience and academic achievements. There is no need to put your GPA in this section, as it might encourage bias. Instead, you can emphasize your most important university projects and your leadership skills. You can also add professional certifications and any awards you have received.

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