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Top 5 World Heritage Sites In Turkey

World heritage sites are landmark with cultural, historical, scientific or different type of significance. There are several historical places of many ancient empires in Turkey. This is one of the reasons why Turkey is a tourist country.

There are nineteen World Heritage Sites in Turkey. We will discuss the top 5 in this article.

1) Hattusa

Hattusa is a Turkish monument. In 1986, UNESCO added it in world heritage list. It is known for the types of construction that have been preserved (temples, royal residences, fortifications), the rich ornamentation of the Lions’ Gate and the Royal Gate, and the ensemble of rock art at Yazilikaya. From this area they discovered remains of 5 cultures.

2) Troy

Due to its historical and cultural worth, this ancient site has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998. It is now a traveller attraction in Turkey. The traditional town is located at Hisarlik Hill, west of the village of Tevfikiye. In this ancient city, the Trojan War, which was described in Ilyada, one of the epics thought to have been written by Homer, was realized. The ancient city was discovered in the 1870s by German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. The remains of the historic town of Troy comprises a defensive wall round the castle, eleven gates, a sleek stone ramp, and 5 defensive forts.

3) Divriği Great Mosque

One of the monuments that can be included in the Top 5 is the Great Mosque of Divriği. Ahmed Shah ordered for the construction of this mosque. The mosque has distinctive features. It is believed that a male silhouette standing from the shadows occurs as the sun rays hits the entrance door of this very special mosque. In 1985, Divriği Great Mosque was enrolled on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

4) Çatalhöyük

“Çatalhöyük” is a famous archaeological site in Turkey, discovered in 1950s. This area was tenanted 9 thousand years ago. The complex has become one of the most well-known archaeological and historical sites within the world because of its great size and also the stunning murals they found.

Among the foremost notable discoveries that are created in this area are the finding of several wordings and paintings on stone of animals such as deer, in addition to several statues, including a statue of two lions facing each other or a statue of a god sitting next to two cats. In 2012, the area was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

5) Pamukkale and Hierapolis National Park

Pamukkale-Hierapolis castle is located in southern part of Turkey the Aegean region. It is known for its baths, carbonate minerals from its running water, and terraces and travertines. Tourist can enjoy baths in the same pools that locals have been using since thousands of years. This natural beauty was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1988.


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