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Top And Trendy Ways To Wear Scarves Everyday

Your clothing closet will be imperfect without a proper collection of different colors and styles of scarves. Undoubtedly scarves are the most demanding fashion accessory in the current time. The reason is not that scarves perfectly match with any kind of attire you wear. But it also, provides extra warmth and comfort during the winter season.

If your wardrobe is not decorated with colorful scarves, it’s time to avail Petal And Pup discount code Australia for a discounted price of your desired scarves. There is no specific season to tie on scarves. Whether it is summer, fall, or breezy winter, every season is scarves season.

But there is an issue with scarves. Putting it on in the same ordinary way can make your personality boring. But you don’t need to worry! We have come up with unique ideas that will help you interestingly tie a scarf.

So let’s get started!

The Braid

So let’s start with the most common but stylish way. Take a scarf, fold it in half and place it across your neck. After placing it comfortably around your neck, hold the loose ends of the scarf and pull them through the loop. Once you have pulled, it’s time to loop and pull the loose ends through again.

Shawl scarf

A small size scarf cannot protect you from freezing temperature. Instead, you must have an oversized scarf called Shawl scarf. The shawl is made of wool fiber exclusively designed for the winter season. There is a unique way to wear it, starting from your shoulder. Cover your entire shoulder from both ends and let the rest of the part cover the entire upper body.

Shawl scarves are available in different colors and sizes. Based on your taste and preferences, you can make a pick. Generally, the in-vogue style is rectangular and square. However, for summer, you can try light weighted and comfortable scarves, so you never miss the chance to show off.

The falling half

You can try scarves with falling ends to stand out with your fashion. Put the scarf around your next and place the two ends in front. Make sure the length of both ends must be equal. The best suggestion is to try with a summer outfit. Make sure the color of the dress and scarf resembles. Wearing a belt will enhance your personality.

Wrap it like a headband

It’s not mandatory to wear a scarf on the neck only. You can wrap it over your head for a unique touch to your style. Fold the scarf multiple until it looks like a thin and straight strip. Tie both ends on the scarf from under your chin. The special beach looks for the summer season.

Necklace style

Are you short of dressing accessories? No worries! The scarf can be the savior of the day. This style is commonly known as the classic loop because it is captivating easy. You just have to fold the scarf in half. Then, wrap it around the neck and knot the two ends of the scarf in front. The formation must be a loop.

Square scarf

Square scarf style has never been popular because most people aren’t aware of how to do it. In addition, they come in different colors and sizes, ranging from 16 to 60 inches. Usually, you have seen flight hostesses wearing the bold color tied Square scarf around their neck.

Based on the weather, you can choose from lightweight cotton to silk to wool. You can find them in solids, floral, prints, stripes, and plaids.


Infinity scarf

An infinity scarf or loop scarves are relatively new on the scene and have gained popularity over the last few years for their ease of use. They are what I call “throw and go” scarves. You throw them on, loop them once, and go. Easy peasy. These come in some nice lightweight summer floral, madras check, or stripes for summer and heavier cotton, silk, and wool blends for winter in a variety of plaids, prints, and solids. Like their rectangular counterparts, they can also come in knitted versions, from lacy to chunky.

Long scarf

The most unusual way to put on a scarf these days is a long scarf. These scarfs are usually oversized than most of the styles of scarves mentioned above. However, this style has become immensely popular because of its chic and fashionable style.

Generally, there are three ways to pull on long or oblong scarves. You can either wear loose, looped or knotted in multiple ways. The wearing style also depends on the kind of weather. In addition, scarves are made out of different kinds of materials. For example, for freezing weather, you may pick wool. You can find them in solids, floral, prints, stripes, plaids, and really anything you can think of.


Traditionally, scarves were worn to keep humans warm and comfortable. But as the trend changes, scarves become a necessary part of fashion. Now there are various kinds of scarves available in the market. From the different styles, choose the one that suits you the most.  And if you have any special in mind from where you want to buy the latest collection. Check the store out at Revounts, so you can save a huge amount on your purchase.

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