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Top Attractions Not To Miss Out In Hamburg

Miss Out In Hamburg
Miss Out In Hamburg

Germany is a pretty good country with many of the world’s most fascinating cities. The majority of the tourists have German cities mentioned in their bucket list. If you are someone not from the flock, then give us a chance to prove our statement. 

Miss Out In Hamburg

Hamburg is the most jaw-droppingly beautiful city in Germany. This place has everything that a travel enthusiast like you would expect. Gorgeous beaches, sparkly city life, adventure, and history, altogether make the city what it is today. Get ready to make your advance Emirates Airlines Booking because we are sure we will make you want to take a trip to Hamburg pretty soon. 

From the very famous Kunsthalle Hamburg to the Miniatur Wunderland, you and your kids will always have something on your list to put your hands on. 

If you are already tired of the appreciation, go ahead and get your proof!

St. Michael’s Church

If you are in Hamburg for a day, you can spend it at St. Michael’s Church. One of the most visited travelers destinations, this church has stood on the grounds of Hamburg since 1750. The church was constructed in Baroque style and has still been left untouched. This church is Hamburg’s landmark and was built to dedicate it to Archangel Michael. Once you are here, make sure you do not miss out on its 132-meter high viewing tower. 

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg was initially a tiny, moving model of the world’s largest railway. Over the years, this model was expanded and now fills up an entire warehouse in Hamburg. It can be very overwhelming for your eyes to take a closer look at the perfection and precision this model took. The moving trains and the flying planes will astonish you. 

Rickmer Rickmers

Look through the city from in between the waters by hopping on Rickmer Rickmers. It is a ship that stands by the shore of Landungbrucken’s river with a lot of history. The ship came to Hamburg in the 80s and is now a museum that welcomes thousands of people as its guests. Here, you will get a closer look at the history and life of the merchant marine during the times of war. 

Kunsthalle Hamburg

If you are a fan of art and love to see what a country has to offer, head to this three-building art gallery. Here you will find hundreds of artifacts, artworks, paintings, and collections from contemporary art collections. The collection includes artworks of Rembrandt, Goya, Lucas, Canaletto, and other famous artists of the country. 

International Maritime Museum

Anthe museum to explore the maritime of Hamburg is by taking a tour inside the International Maritime Museum. This red-bricked building will give away a history of 3,000 years that man and water created here. The highlight in this museum is the dugout boat that was recovered many years ago from the Elbe. So, get your Ethiopian Airlines Booking already to explore the city and its beautiful neighborhood. 

Final Statement

These top five attractions we mentioned above are worth every second and every penny you spend here. Make sure you do not miss out on these and many more attractions that await in Hamburg.

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