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Top Easy Step to Remember Maths Formulas

Maths Formulas

Most students are afraid of math because of the long list of formulas. However, math is not just about reading textbooks; it is about solving and understanding problems.

Mathematical formulas are the best way to make this lesson a fun lesson. Mathematics has found its application in various technology, science, business, commerce, etc. 

It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of mathematics. We all learn things in different stages and ways, but we all can know anything we commit to remembering, no matter our IQ. Therefore, learning mathematical formulas will help students gain confidence and improve their problem-solving skills.

But, it is challenging and confusing to memorize all mathematical formulas at once. 

Here are 10 ways to learn mathematical formulas merely.

1.  Grow your interest in the subject

It is vital to be interested in your reading concept. If you are not interested in that idea, you will not understand that concept. In short, it is always easy to understand and learn something interesting.

2. Practice

This may sound obvious, but the more you practice, you need to know, the more likely you are to remember the same. Write down all the crucial formulas on the sheet and whenever you are comfortable, look at them once. Try to solve problems with the help of Ncert solutions and practice them using a formula, and you will see results! Repetition leads to memorization.

3. Clear your basics with formula

If one understands and reads the formula, it will be easier to memorize. If you can understand how a formula is designed, it will help you to know when to use the formula and get the correct answers.

Love your lesson and read so you can easily understand all the classes. Good teachers and schools are a good guide for students to build a better future. Enjoy and learn math.

4. Relax a bit 

Take away the tension, FEAR, worry about the formulas, and remember them. If you are stressed by reading and remember, you will block the maintenance process. Plan to put in the work, and your brain will help you. Maintain a positive attitude and mental attitude. Relax and breathe deeply. Math problems will never be learned under pressure as the depressed mind loses its ability to function and finds it challenging to work on complex things. So you need first to clear your mind. Reassure yourself that this is not possible and that you can do it.

5. Learn the derivation 

Discovering a formula will help you become familiar with the roots and concepts of that formula that can help you keep the same for a long time in your brain. In addition, when you get a formula, you meet several other formulas. That way, you can memorize the small empty number of formulas you need to get some. Understand the derivations of the formula and apply it in NCERT Solution for Class 10 Maths.

6. Avoid distractions 

You need to concentrate on memorizing things to avoid going online, listening to music, or sending text messages while reading.Not only do the gadgets you use need to be addressed under this heading, but your physical desires such as hunger, thirst, drowsiness, etc.,  Many factors can hinder your learning. So you should avoid distractions. Setting just a set amount of study time will help you produce a productive result.

7. Stick them

Look up the formula everywhere you can. Write procedures in sticky notes and place them around your area—refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Update them regularly using flashcards or a similar app. This way, you will continue to see the formula, and it will be less visible in your brain. You can also check all the maths formulas and access them offline.

8. Use different platforms for learning

Writing the formulas on the charts and attaching them to your room; seeing this everyday helps memorize formulas. Saying formulas aloud also helps memorize formulas. Watching videos related to math and mathematical formulas enables me to remember formulas easily. For visual information you can visit Physicswallah Channel on Youtube.

9. Memory Tricks 

The easiest way to create a story that covers everything you are trying to read. The sequence helps you to memorize things in chronological order. So read mathematical formulas and statistics in the form of a story. So you can easily remember the formulas.

10. Destructure them into a more straightforward form 

Try to understand what constitutes a formula. Finishing it off this way will help you if you need to rebuild them for use. Try using links with non-statistical items. It may work exceptionally well with long formulas. Knowing how the formula is made will help your memory. Long or complex formulas usually come from elementary formulas. Understanding simple formulas will help you to combine long, complex ones.


Find some such sentences that can help you remember complex formulas. These were some simple and basic techniques for remembering formulas. Think of formulas as a small goal to achieve big goals like good marks, promising work, etc. Once you have mastered the formulas, no math or problem will be complicated, even future.

So all the tips and tricks mentioned above, if followed wisely, will help you learn Maths earn you good marks in your board exams.

Please share this with anyone who thinks they can use these steps. I’m talking about Mathematics, but these tips can translate into any topic where things need to be remembered.

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