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Top Google Ranking Factors (How to Optimize for them) – Dezital

How do I rank on Top of Google Search Results in 2022?

Your website or e-commerce business appears to be well-designed, but you do not see the desired results. The key to positioning higher on Google and getting the traffic you need is SEO Services, and it’s a short and straightforward arrangement (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve your Rank on Top of Google. This guide, designed by our team, is perfect for taking your brand to the next level with Google Ranking Services and improving your visitors.

You now have the straightforward solution to the key to ranking better on Google. As you’ve discovered, it’s all about SEO. But what exactly is it, and how would you put it to use? We should explore it here.

Better On-Site SEO

On-site One of the simplest ways to boost your overall Google rankings is SEO. Here are a few methods you may use to do this:

After the initial keyword, Google will consider phrases that come after it to be significantly less essential, so make sure to specify keywords as soon as possible. They should be included in your title tag.

Longer material is more likely to be ranked higher. You attempt to make your material at least 1800 words long, if not more. The majority of SEO marketers will agree that there is a link between Google hierarchy and the content span.

Because they want their consumers to be satisfied with their search fallouts, Google evaluates material based on significance. The more applicable data you include in your writing; the better Google will rank you. It would help if you strived to use your keyword roughly 2-3 times for each blog. You can also contact us for the best SEO services in Lahore.

Add LSI Keywords

An advanced on-page SEO method is LSI or Latent Semantic Index catchphrases. It uses a contemporary formula to determine the relevance of your site to your subject. If you’re talking about travel, LSI watchwords like experience, budget, flights, best countries to visit, where to go during the virus season, and so on might be handy. We also provide SEO services in Pakistan.

This informs Google that you are discussing that subject. The more in-depth your LSI keywords are the higher your rank in Google’s relevance rankings for that specific topic.

Aspects of Technical SEO

It’s all about regularly checking your technical SEO’s functionality to ensure it’s working correctly. You’ll want to make sure your website is android/ios supported, mainly since phones account for more than half of all virtual sales!

What are the aspects of technical SEO that you should monitor?

  • Website speed
  • Make sure the website is desktop and mobile-friendly.
  • Make sure everything on the site works as it should, such as:
  • Your contact form
  • The Chatbot
  • Newsletter subscription form and no automation.

These are all factors that will affect your website’s bounce rate. You want to make sure that the functionality of your website is not a problem for users, so their experience is a smooth journey.

Search Ranking

Google keeps track of how people interact with your site and ranks it accordingly. How much time do individuals pass on your website?

Which areas of your site are the most likely to visit and remain on? If visitors are content with their findings on your website and don’t go on to Google to look for further information on the subject, Google will move your site up the ranks.

Let’s imagine your topic is cosmetics tutorials, and you’ve prepared a list of ways to demonstrate how to apply makeup. You think your material is excellent and that it should rank on Google since it provides valuable information to those looking to enhance their cosmetics game.

Despite this, you are not receiving any traffic. This will have an impact on your search. You can also use Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore for your ranking.

Ensure that you understand what visitors are looking for and tailor your content accordingly to optimize your SEO.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

By nature, we are visual creatures. Humans process the majority of their information visually. Consider the following scenario: you’re on your phone, looking at a website that has sparked your attention. Then you’re presented with a black-and-white page with a lot of tiny text and no interaction. You’ll most likely “bounce” if you lose interest.

You must stand out, especially in today’s world of fierce competition. Photos are more likely than words to capture attention, while videos are more likely to engage viewers than images.

Content is required since you cannot just flood your website with videos, overloading your visitors and raising your bounce rate. You must maintain a sense of equilibrium in your life. For that purpose, you can use a few SEO agencies in Pakistan

You should also arrange your pages so that customers can easily navigate around your website and locate what they’re searching for. Including a table of contents is usually beneficial.

Utilizing tools like Hot Jar, where you can receive an evaluation of how your customers use your website by using heat maps, is an excellent approach to discover how most people browse through it. We as an SEO company in Lahore can help you with that.


  • To enhance your natural traffic, look for keywords that currently drive traffic in your stats results and try to emphasize them.
  • Monthly organic traffic limit of 50 people, even if you’re the only one using it. Yes, there is more competition if your term is “Oreo and Peanut Butter Pie,” and the monthly search volume is around 3500 people. Still, the quantity of people interested in this keyword is significantly more significant. Hence this is the best keyword to pick.
  • Choosing the proper keywords requires finding low KD (Keyword Difficulty) ratings. Analytics assigns a ranking to keywords depending on how tough they are to rank for. It would help if you strived to select terms with lower KD scores while being viable in other categories like search volume and relevance.
  • Look for terms that have a high business value. It doesn’t matter how many visitors your site gets if it doesn’t generate cash. Thus another essential element is to pick phrases with a better conversion rate.


We recognize that ranking high on Google may not appear to be as simple as it seems, especially with so many competitors embracing internet marketing in today’s globe. Our staff is here to assist you with each step of the journey.

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