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Top Shopping Things to Buy in Ladakh

things to buy in Ladkah
Shopping things in Ladkah

Travelers can spend a huge amount of money at this beautiful destination for shopping. From apricot products to local handicrafts there are a lot of things to buy in Ladakh which never ends.

List of Famous Things to Buy in Ladakh

Here we are describing a list of some famous things to buy in Ladakh that you can’t miss out during holiday packages to Ladakh. Now Checkout the list given below:-

Apricot (Jam, Juice and Oil)

Apricot is most common is one of the most common shopping things to buy in ladakh. It is full of antioxidant and nutrients that grows in the harsh and rugged atmosphere of Ladakh. The local people of ladakh plucked it from the tree and make organic Jam, juice or Oil by it. If you travel to ladakh then you can buy fresh Jam and dried Apricot.

Leather Jackets

Leather Jacket is one of the most famous shopping items in Ladakh which can find by travellers at every nook and corner of ladakh. These jackets are available here in extensive varieties and colors at every retailer & wholesalers. These type of Jackets are very much liked and first choice of bike riders.


Chhang is the home made bear of Ladakh State. It is the best shopping items to buy in Ladakh when you travel to ladakh. You can buy this item for your friend or relatives.

Stone and Silver Ornaments (Ladakhi Jewellery)

Stone and silver Ornament are one of the famous shopping Items to buy in Ladakh. This stunning Ladakhi Jewellery make of turquoise stone and silver is hallmark for authenticity that makes a gorgeous addition to you and your spouse collection. You can buy a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and even key chains while shopping in Ladakh.

Tibetan Handicrafts and Wares

Tibetans in Leh and Ladakh are famous for their craftsmanship and handicrafts. Tibetan Handicrafts and Wares is one of the most famous shopping items in Ladakh. Through these handicrafts they are spreading their culture. There are several items like eye-catching Thangka paintings, Buddha statues in different poses and sizes, sacred wall-pieces, colourful masks, copper chhang pots, carved wooden tables all are associated with the culture of Tibetans that you can buy in ladakh!

Pashmina Shawls and Woolens

Pashmina woolens are one of the famous shopping Items in Ladakh which made from the soft wool as ever. These are very delicate, beautiful, and light in weight offers extremely warmth. Ladakh has a cold place so these woolens are perfect shopping items to buy in Ladakh. There are plenty of stores that offer stoles, gloves, sweaters, blankets, caps, shawls, and even socks made by Pashmina wool.

Kashmiri Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs both items improves the beauty of every home. Ladakh is the destination that offers an extensive variety, colors, and patterns of rugs and carpets. If someone goes for a trip to Ladakh then he/she should buy the most beautiful Kashmiri carpets or rugs for their home. These carpets and rugs are naturally dye and have more intricate designs. These are weave with more exquisite wool and silk that offers an adorable look to your room which is truly unmatchable.

Prayer Wheels & Flags

Prayer wheels and flags are important element of Buddhism and interesting shopping Things to buy in Ladakh. These Prayer wheels are the cylindrical spheres that rotates by everyone into a monastery during the entry or prayer. They are either made of wood or metal. While these colourful prayer flags are made from colourful paper and available in all sizes!


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