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Top Tips and Tricks for IELTS Listening Test

ielts listening test
ielts listening test

Is It Possible Getting Band 9 For IELTS Listening?

The answer is yes. Follow these tips to improve your score significantly, as well as get a band 9. Here are some top tips and tricks for IELTS listening test by the best study in USA consultant.

Improve Your Normal Listening Skills

IELTS listening section aims to test your listening skills. Don’t use practice tests to improve your score: that’s not enough. These will help you families yourself with the test, but they won’t improve your listening skills. Separate listening exercises, listening to common listening materials (radio reports, TV shows, documentary programs, etc.), and so is the more effective IELTS test listening.

Polish Your Situation Vocabulary

Section 3 is almost always about education, for example, students and teachers are talking about an assignment.

Words Type

Skip the questions and decide what kind of word fits into each difference. Write ‘n’ for nouns, ‘v’ for action and so on. This will help you focus on specific words while listening.

Plug in the Status

Try to get an idea of the situation. Before each part you will be given a brief introduction: Now, you will hear the dialogue or you will hear a lecture. This information has not been written on the question paper, so keep in mind. Who the speaker is, why they are speaking and where they are, will make it easier to understand the rest of the recording.

Don’t Lose your Attention

Remember, you’ll only hear the audio once. So if you haven’t heard some words and haven’t noticed some questions, don’t worry. At the end of this section, review the questions, otherwise you’ll just remember more questions and get confused with recording. You’ll need to read, write and listen to everyone at the same time.

Investigation for Silly Mistakes

You have 30 seconds to check your answer after each section. It’s important to see spelling, plural, and word forms.

Transfer Right Answer

At the end of listening exams you’ll have 10 minutes to transfer your answer to the answer sheet. And often students get confused in number. As you write your answers, check that they fit the right number. In other words, make sure the answer to question goes in space number 7.

Don’t Leave Any Empty Answer

Don’t lose your marks for wrong answers, it’s better to write something in answer box. Read question again and guess.

Helpful Tips For Listening IELTS Test

  • Before the recording starts for any part, read all the questions carefully to help the recording understand and easily identify the answer.
  • Once the part is completed, you can proceed and read the questions for the next part.
  • It’s not necessary to list your answers alphabetically in the order in which you will hear them.
  • Pay attention to the word range for each section. If an instruction says’ write more than two words ‘, stick to it. If you write more than the limit, you will not get a score for the attempted answer.
  • This can help you identify your answer in the recording: “he likes to go to the gym and play tennis it can reflect your answer paper/screen (in computer delivered IELTS) like” he is an active person.
  • Here you should be aware of the questions in which the words are written. For example, the pronunciation of the alphabet is called ‘double u’.
  • Listen carefully to words describing the stage in which you are listening, such as the ‘first ‘,’ my next point ‘, ‘for yoga ‘. These words help to identify the question you asked. You will find here tips for getting a desired score on the top IELTS coaching in Pune listening test.

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