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Top Tips for Writing an Essay in a Hurry

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In a perfect world you’d have all of the time to write an outstanding essay. But unfortunately it’s never like that. There will instances when you’re asked for an essay incredibly quick, be it due to an extremely tight deadline set by your teacher. Or because you’ve been busy that your essay has been put off until the very last minute. It is, however, possible tips for writing a great essay even when you’re pressed to the limit, and in this article, we’ll teach you how to do it.

Change your mindset to be positive

Before you begin writing, you must put yourself in the right attitude. There are times when you feel a sense of anxiety, or feeling that you’re not able to do it in time to complete the task. It’s possible to be feeling defeated before you’ve started. To succeed However, you’ll be required to get rid of these negative thoughts. It is essential to remain positive and to be able to enjoy the challenges, and to adopt a positive attitude. If it helps, think that it’s a fight you’ll win.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a jolt and keep the final target in mind. You’ll perform well as well as impressing your instructor. You’ll prove to yourself that you’re able to tackle this task be a pleasure to take on and complete your essay that is completed in the fastest time. Relax be calm, stay focused and begin to tackle the task in a systematic and rational manner.

You can type your essay instead of writing it in handwriting

The majority of young people today are more proficient at typing than writing in handwriting. So unless you’ve been told to handwrite your essay, you can type it. This makes it easier to revise your work and modify things up and also to add more words by typing faster. It’s likely to be much easier for your instructor to read a typed document than handwriting and you won’t be suffering from an injury to your arm that could cause you to slow down which is a major benefit.

Be sure to read the question attentively.

If you’re under pressure it’s easy to glance over the essay and think that you’ve got the concept only to realize. Once you’ve written the bulk of your essay you’ve got the wrong side of the stick. Also it’s now too late to modify the way you write it. This can be particularly dangerous in times of stress because your brain is prone to interpret what it wants to see. It could suggest that the question asks the question you’re expected to respond. However, the truth may be subtle but fundamentally different.

Therefore, you should start by reading the question attentively. And making sure you’ve grasped what the question is asking you to complete. If you find it helpful, highlight important words of instruction in the subject line, such as “compare” or “analyse”. This helps your brain concentrate on the correct type of assignment, and you can write your essay in this way.

Then summarize your argument in one sentence

In order to get your mind clear about the essay you’ll write. Check whether you can summarize the arguments you intend to be in one sentence, a little like an ” elevator pitch’. If you aren’t able to accomplish this. Likelihood is that you’re not quite sure what you’re going to write about which means that you could end up talking about nothing. Throughout your essay taking up a lot of time. It’s essential to start with a clear understanding of your argument and every word you write afterwards will work towards making this argument clear. Be careful not to spend too much time on this, and you’ll end up not having enough time to complete the essay!

You can then rewrite your notes into an essay that includes an argument

Now you have the draft of your paper written in note-form. Now you can convert your notes into essays by writing them in academic prose. With “filler” sentences that bind everything together and help to build your argument.

The introduction and the conclusion should be saved for the end

It’s not surprising introduction and concluding paragraphs of an essay are usually the most difficult pieces to write. Therefore, you should save them for the last. Once you’ve finished writing the body of your essay, creating an introduction and a summary conclusion will be easier since you’ll have spent lots of time thinking about your argument and will be well-acquainted with it.

It’s okay to make use of Google to conduct quick research

Although Google isn’t a substitute for understanding what you’ve been advised to study. It could help you find short definitions or for getting familiar with something. You’re having difficulty understanding in the end of the day. Don’t count on it in any way, but in the event that you’re writing an essay and you’re not sure how to comprehend. Also what you’ve been taught and need to know the answer. A simple Google search will allow you to gain the understanding you require.

Make the reference as you as you

If you’re required to include references and a bibliography in your paper. You can do this as you go to cut down on time. Every time you quote someone, put in a footnote stating where the quote came from as well as, simultaneously you duplicate and copy the specifics of the book into a bibliography that you can place at the bottom of your paper.


Make sure you have something to anticipate once you’ve completed your essay. Since this will inspire you to finish the task. You could get a treat like a chocolate treat or the chance to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Or an night out with your friends something that provides enough incentive to see your essay done. You’ve been hard at it and have a fantastic essay to prove it with these tips for writing. You deserve some kind of reward!



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