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Top Tips ToVideo Surveillance System Maintenance


You want your video surveillance system to keep performing to the optimal level on an all-time basis. This implies that you have to maintain it continuously so that nothing impedes it, notwithstanding it is damage, technical glitches, outside obstructions, or a lack of cleanliness. You can take steps to ensure that your video security system is functioning smoothly so that no odd activity goes unnoticed.

Clean camera lenses

The first step to video surveillance system maintenance is that you keep each of your security camera lenses clean all the time. Have them checked on routinely for smudges, water spots, dust, and related blockades. If your camera lenses are dirty, you will not receive a clear image of what those cameras are recording. Notwithstanding, whether they generate high-resolution imagery or not. By utilizing a can of compressed air, you could blow particles away from the lens and then lightly wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Remove natural obstructions

This one is precisely for the outdoor security cameras. Based on where they’re placed, some obstructions could get in the way now and then, like, shrubs, vines, or tree leaves. That’s the reason it’s vital that the trees and bushes are pruned& clipped in order to, prevent them from getting in the way.

Examine connectors

Examine camera connectors to see any signs of corrosion. In case they are corroded, change them at once. Corroded connectors will lead to a video security system short circuit, resulting in video loss.

Adjust camera position

Persistentlywatch out for the position of your cameras. Each and every, the camera should be facing in the intended direction. If they seem to be not facing the right way, adjust them in order that they are monitoring, the desired areas of surveillance. In addition, ensure that your cameras are properly installed and not loose.

Dust off DVR or NVR

Over time dust gathers on your video recorders, finally causing them damage. Get around this through simple routine dusting. Once more, a microfiber cloth and compressed air can prove to be a savior. You can use the former to wipe any dust off your recorder and the latter to blow out the dust that could have been trapped in its crevices.

The Bottomline

There are different measures to be taken for video surveillance system maintenance. Do away with all possible obstructions and clean your equipment on a routine basis.


Is it necessary to maintain security cameras?

Every video camera security system will require regular maintenance after setup and installation to guarantee that it continues to function properly. This needs a maintenance policy, which is normally carried out either by the system provider or internal staff.

Should CCTV be maintained on a regular basis?

The amount of maintenance required for your CCTV cameras will vary depending on their placement and how readily they can be knocked or damaged, but we recommend checking them at least once a month to verify that they are working properly and protecting your property.

When it comes to security cameras, how long should they last?

The majority of security camera footage is stored for 30 to 90 days in most cases (1 to 3 months the most).

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