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Top Virtual Event Platforms 2022

Dreamcast Virtual Platform

The rise in virtual events has given birth to several online event solutions that offer numerous tools, features, and innovative solutions to make your event stand out. But, the question is, how should one decide on the best virtual event platform? We know that the platform selection process can be a little tricky and difficult hence, this is why we have compiled the top virtual event solutions that consist of multiple features. 

We have seen various virtual event examples that successfully left a lasting impression on the audience. Therefore, it is important that you do your research about the platform that can accommodate your business and event needs. Now, let us walk you through some best virtual event solutions;


It is one of the biggest virtual event platforms that can completely customize your events irrespective of the audience spectrum, event type, event requirements. With attractive 3D designs, a user-friendly interface, endless networking opportunities & engagement tools, and unbeatable technical support, the platform makes every effort to host a successful virtual event. Right from creating dynamic banners, including GIFs, offering real-time chat, video, & audio tools, providing insights of attendee footprint, and more.

Dreamcast understands the importance of hosting events that promotes engagement, generate leads, produce more revenue, and deliver bizarre event experiences. Hence, this is why their virtual stage is highly capable of replicating the scenarios of a physical event.


One of the strong and ideal event management services that are driven with useful tools and innovative solutions to let you host high-quality virtual and hybrid events. Planners can also conduct Q&A sessions and live polls to encourage attendee engagement and make the sessions more interactive. They also provide private meeting options and discussion rooms to make way for new connections. As an all-in-one event solution, Vmeets can also integrate functions like live chat tool, integrated notepad, keynote sessions, panel discussions, pre-recorded & on-demand content.



Leverage the platform’s top-notch tools and features to create unique event experiences where attendees find it super easy to connect and engage with other participants. They create rooms like auditoriums, conventional halls, lounges, etc, that are clearly titled and improve the platform navigation experience for the attendees. It is an effective way to minimize attendee drop-off.



Leave an impactful impression on your audience right from the beginning by using customized branding options and templates. Intrado helps exhibitors gain more leads and showcase their products exceptionally via colorful designs, dynamic brand logos, and engaging content. Create an on-site event experience by the implementation of gamification, interactive tools, endless sponsorship & networking functions. Lately, the platform has been embracing the most advanced solutions to make the virtual event even more interesting and memorable.



With the growing need for the virtual environment, several event services have brushed their skills and feature set to host impactful digital events. Communique is one of the top hybrid and virtual event platforms that can recreate physical event experiences. With the usage of excellent video, audio & chat functions, screen-sharing application, and customization abilities, Communique is transforming the event experiences successfully for their physical and virtual participants. 



ON24 is one of the best online platforms that are packed with powerful features. These features help in conducting successful webinars, virtual meetings, conferences, summits, and other events. For example, they have breakout rooms, engagement tools, multilingual support, and networking skills that make your event more valuable and remarkable. Besides these functionalities, ON24 also offers comprehensive sponsorship possibilities, gamification, and automated solutions to create a realistic event experience. 



Airmeet is one of the ideal virtual event platforms that help planners with tools and features that can deliver memorable event experiences. With immersive 3D designs and innovative solutions, you can plan successful virtual expos, summits, career fairs, conferences, and more. Their advanced platform can welcome 100k attendees and 300 sponsors at a time to make the event super successful. 

Airmeet also offers effortless integrations with Stripe. It is a great strategy that makes it even simpler to sell tickets for your virtual events. Their online platform is capable of providing social media live streaming to drive more audience engagement. Engaging tools like live chat features, private & group networking make way for 2-way interactions during the event.



Hexafair is known for adapting the latest event technology in order to deliver unique virtual experiences. Right from planning to hosting events like virtual conferences, shows, or conferences, the platform offers a library of excellent tools to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

They can also create customized booths with 2D and 3D designs to add more value to your virtual or hybrid event. It is one of the best online event solutions that allow the integration of an e-commerce system to boost sales and revenue. Backed with customer support, the platform helps enhance the attendee experience right from the moment attendees join the event.



INXPO is one of the best live-streaming solutions and platforms to take your event online. Enriched with the most advanced tools, the platform makes impactful endeavors to host striking and significant events. Their virtual venue can create customized booths, impactful keynote sessions, interactive tools, and breakout sessions to make your event stand out. 

Features like multiple networking, excellent engagement tools, a dynamic lobby, a theater, and the availability of live & on-demand content help recreate the on-site event experiences. The platform is 100% scalable which means you can include both small and large groups of attendees based on the event and business requirements.



A virtual event software that lets you host memorable virtual and hybrid events. It is a globally trusted event platform that can host customized and flexible events. Their useful features make it even more convenient to increase the attendee count and boost the brand value globally. 

These features include ticketing & registration, live chat, reporting & insights, customization, live streaming, and many more. Their all-in-one virtual technology can also provide real-time assistance to the attendees if they face any issue during the joining process or while navigating the platform. The platform also helps with event marketing to make sure it quickly reaches the potential and interested people.

We hope, this list of top virtual event platforms will help you take your event online and create real and unique event experiences.

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