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Top web development technologies and frameworks for 2022


A great website design should be both useful and usable. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are different and distinct from one another. A user interface (UI) tells people how things work, but does not directly inform them about what it does or why they would want to use it. A good user experience (UX) tells people both what something is and why they would want to use it, by making that information very easy to find and digest.

Some good news
if you’re a web developer, you don’t have to worry about your job going away in 2022. According to multiple studies, demand for developers is only going to increase over time. And with that growth comes a need for new tools, strategies, and technologies. The following is our overview of some of those trends that you can expect to see in place by 2022

Progressive Web Apps
One of top web development services to gain traction in recent years is progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are basically websites that can be added to your homescreen, even if they aren’t downloaded from an app store. That means users get better functionality because they don’t have to worry about using another browser or downloading another app—while at the same time providing business owners with a new way to make more money through digital advertising.

The largest technology community in the world is rallying around JavaScript, making it an extremely powerful tool to help developers create new websites. Since JavaScript is open source and free, it’s a great option if you’re working on a small budget. If you have limited experience with coding, look into CoderBunnyz, which provides tutorials in HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript.

Cloud Computing
In line with our predictions for market-driven trends in Web Development Technologies, Cloud Computing is growing more popular every day. Thanks to its low costs, easy scalability, and high availability, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to power their websites and applications. If you’re interested in learning more about what your business could do with cloud technology, reach out today to speak with one of our web development company specialists at FocusedCo Design!

Artificial Intelligence
AI is, without a doubt, one of the biggest Web Development Technologies on our radar. It’s poised to become one of our most powerful allies in e-commerce, as well as being an incredibly important part of improving our search engine optimization. In particular, AI will help us automate mundane website maintenance tasks that take up time we could spend focusing on innovative ideas or exploring new website markets.

The standardization of CSS began in 1996 with a specification primarily created by Tantek Çelik (of Technorati fame). Originally, CSS focused on providing visual designers a way to control the presentation of a document. Since its inception, however, CSS has grown into a powerful tool that Web developers can use to build some pretty amazing things.

Angular JS2
Angular is one of a group of cutting-edge front-end frameworks that has taken web development by storm in recent years. Created by Google, Angular is an extremely popular framework with an impressive array of features, as well as some great open source support systems that are available to developers worldwide. While Angular is not ideal for all projects (for example, it’s not really suitable for smaller, less complex sites), its diverse array of tools and functionality make it one of the best overall options available today.

According to statistics on Google Trends, Vue.js is one of today’s most sought-after web development tools. The reason? It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and supports several other front-end tools – including libraries like React, Angular 2+, and Meteor.js. Whether you need a company that focuses on Vue.js or you want your favorite agency to implement it in your next project, there are options out there for every size business that needs website design services now.

Go is an open source programming language designed by Google engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It has built-in concurrency mechanisms which makes it a good fit for modern Web applications with multiple requests coming into a single server, simultaneously. Go has also been popularized recently by Docker’s implementation of its containers.

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