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UAE: Best Business Setup Services in Dubai For Every Industry

business setup services in dubai

Company & Business Setup

Providing the best solution for company formation in Dubai. We provide the strategic solutions for each and every client according to their specification. The assistance is provided as a whole package which covers all the dimensions of the business. Now when we kick start an organization it is important to make sure that the business sustains. This can be done by employing custom made strategies for each industry. Consequently, helping the new investor to evaluate the possibilities of the business.

Freezone Services

Freezone services in Ajman and Dubai is the best place for an overseas investor to invest for an idea of business. There are vast benefits for performing business in each zone. There are different industries in different freezone. And every zone has its own advantage for a native or for an overseas investor. The government has given more leverage to the free zones in order to boost the economy of the UAE. Moreover, the biggest business hubs in the UAE are Dubai and Ajman. Our specialists help our clients to get familiarized with all the necessary formalities needed to set a business in the free zone in Ajman.

Employment Services

For any company to run, manpower is indispensable and so is the need for recruitment agencies in Dubai. Any oversea or native investor who wants to develop a business in Dubai would need the best hands. We help our clients and provide them with the talented and dedicated employees which help them in getting the job done. We assist in getting the labour workforce filtered in such a way that it will reduce cost per hire in the organization. In short this will consequently reduce the overall expense which a company might face. We get you the most skilled according to your company culture and values.

Immigration Services

We have a history of being the best immigration consultants in Dubai as we make the process smooth for you. Being a new investor and starting with a new business venture, an organization might get less time to spend on official processes. One of the important processes is the immigration process which happens in every organization. This can be a tedious process in the growth cycle of the company. So in order to save time, we help you get through all the formalities easily. Which can in turn help you to focus on making important decisions for company growth.

Typing Services

In case of any foreign investor, getting help in terms of typing services is a blessing. And we are there for your guidance. Typing service may seem time consuming for a new organization. Our panel of language experts help you to overcome this hassle by providing assistance in any area. The language barrier may not be just in typing, but also maybe in filling up forms, governmental procedure etc. These are times when a new organization may be facing difficulty in governmental procedure eg- for structuring an application, filling up forms. In different dimensions of business, we provide our clients with the best typing services in Dubai with smooth documentation.

RTA Services

Depending on the industry guidance in RTA differs, the most important of them is RTA payment of fines. As mentioned earlier the UAE is the business hub and business varies in industry and in size and shape too. Businesses which are involved in more usage of road and transportation services of the government will be the ones needing assistance. For example transportation of goods and services, export and import business, diesel trading, oil trading are in dire need of understanding the formalities. In short, investors belonging to such industry or business needs to get familiarized with the technicalities and governmental procedures related to RTA.

Insurance Services

For any business getting insurance guidance will be a smart move, especially for car insurance in Dubai. Now, as discussed earlier, it all depends on industry. Car insurance is the most common among every industry. The formalities for car insurance and health insurance in Dubai might be a difficult process. But we are equipped with the well trained experts to suggest the best insurance for your organization according to the sector. Moreover health insurance is also very much important for the aspect of an organization. There will be sectors which give importance to the skill of a particular person, eg- oil and gas industry, refining industry etc. These are industries which give importance to health insurance of an employee.

PRO Services

Documental technicalities are the area where a new organization needs assistance and these are resolved by our PRO services in dubai. Our array of experts who are in long and professional relationships with governmental officers helps us to update the formalities. So that our clients are benefited by the information beforehand. Moreover our relationship with PRO officers helps in speeding up the governmental process which benefits our client. Consequently, as a business provider we also get updated with the latest governmental procedure while building up an organization. This helps them to make strategic decisions for their business. In short, we make the long and tiring documentation process easy for our clientele.

Sponsorship Services

Visa sponsorship in UAE is the most common service and starinous for the technicalities. The overseas population of UAE who work also wants to settle and here is the need for a sponsorship service. We provide the best assistance to our clientele who are in the growth stage of the business. This can help them save time and concentrate on their business for the betterment of the organization. Getting a better and understanding business partner in UAE also helps the business to uphold the status. Our alliance with the interested and notified investor helps us to provide the right kind of business partner for our client.

Visa Services

We are equipped with a panel of talented senior consultants to provide an efficient employment visa services in UAE .Of all the services this is also the most important and common which any oversea or native investor needs in terms of labour force. The skillsets are distributed among the prospective workforce. So it becomes necessary for an investor to get all the capable hands to his organization. Hence there is a need for guidance in terms of employment service in every organization to save time and efficient operation. In Short we furnish the best results in terms of employment visa and in terms of investor visa in Dubai.


Our organization provides you with the opportunity to build your dream empire in the UAE. We offer you every best and needful to organize a business setup services in Dubai. As we are the expert and being no 1 in dubai our expertise in every strata of a business. Right from human resources, helping with documentation and governmental process, immigration, transportation helplines to adiding you build up a relationship with a broader clientele.

Docswise have been proving ourselves to be the best assistance for business setup services in Dubai, UAE who provides the finest quality business service and set up. Our specialization in the areas essential for a business to grow has a backbone of a well trained and professional panel of consultants providing the possible business strategy for a newbie organization according to the industry and an investor.

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