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Ultrasonic humidifier for vegetables

After picking vegetables and fruits, we all know that they will lose their nutrients and unique flavors if they are not kept fresh. As the metabolism of mature vegetables and fruits slows down or even stops, the taste, color and flavor will deteriorate. Therefore, many supermarket owners will use ultrasonic humidifiers to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and humidified.

The ultrasonic humidifier uses an atomizer module to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy for vegetable and fruit preservation. Through electronic over-frequency oscillation, 1.7MHz ultrasonic waves are emitted into the water, and the water is atomized into micron-sized particles through the high-frequency resonance of the atomizer. The air supply system blows the particles into the air to humidify fruits and vegetables. The ultrasonic humidifiers can be installed in supermarkets, warehouses, transportation centers, other areas, etc. It can meet the requirements of modern technology to ensure the humidity required by food and prevent dehydration, wilting weight loss, loss of freshness, etc. situation.

Why do we need an ultrasonic humidifier to keep fresh fruits and vegetables? One of the important reasons is that it has 100% high humidification efficiency. The spray is small, and the micron particles are easier to meet the humidity requirements of the air. It has low energy consumption, and it is estimated that the power consumption per kilogram of humidification is only 100W. The maintenance is simple, the machine adopts an integrated atomizer, and only simple tools are needed for maintenance and repair when replacing.

Understanding the performance characteristics and principles of the ultrasonic humidifier can let us use it better. It can better play its role in use, ensure the humidity of the space, and keep our vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time. In the ultrasonic humidifier work, while spraying humidification, it increases the negative oxygen ions in the air, so it is helpful in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. It is widely used in fresh meat, bread, edible fungi, etc. The use of humidifiers in the cultivation of edible fungi can create environmental humidity suitable for the cultivation process so that the mushrooms can grow more quickly and healthily.

We should note that when using an ultrasonic humidifier, the water source is best to use clean tap water, softened water, purified water, or deionized water. And the water supply pressure should be kept in the range of 1-4kg/cm3. The ambient temperature is preferably in the field of 0 to 40°C. Because the ultrasonic humidifier has no mechanical drive, no noise interference, no pollution, low failure rate, simple daily maintenance, reliable and convenient, it is a piece of efficient humidification equipment with high recommended usability.

Features of ultrasonic humidifier:

  1. Multiple modes are available

The ultrasonic humidifier has two modes of microcomputer control and manual control, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

  1. With cleaning settings

The ultrasonic humidifier has a cleaning function, which is convenient and quick. Press the “set” button twice to enter the cleaning setting. Cleaning the humidifier in time is not only to maintain the excellent performance of the humidifier but also to provide you with clean vegetables and avoid vegetable pollution.

  1. Intelligent computer control

Ultrasonic humidifier adopts microcomputer control, automatically stops working when the humidity reaches the setting and works immediately when the humidity is lower than the design. It can maintain the problems needed by vegetables and save energy. It is an economical vegetable humidification equipment.

  1. With a high-frequency atomizer

Equipped with the ultrasonic high-frequency atomizer, the atomization effect is good, and the moisturizing effect is good.

  1. Advanced waterproof fan

It is equipped with a high-grade waterproof fan, adopts precision and high-quality industrial fan, has corrosion resistance, high efficiency, long service life, etc. The air supply is efficient and robust. Improve humidification efficiency.

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