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Understanding The Importance of Using Eco Friendly Boxes

The utilization of different packaging materials is great around the globe. All those materials are not good for the sustainability of the environment such as the use of plastic is worsening the environment. In these circumstances, product manufacturers are switching to ecological packaging solutions. Although most of the packaging materials provide convenience in the shipment to transport products safely all over the world. But some of those packaging materials are harmful to the earth. Therefore, replacing dangerous packaging materials with eco-friendly boxes has become crucial for product manufacturers as well as for shipment companies.

The need of the hour

Most of the consumers believe that only the poor waste treatment of the packaging material gives rise to the problems. That is not true but a mere misconception. The entire process of the non-recyclable packaging material is harmful whether it is extracting raw material, manufacturing of the packaging, or its overall disposal. The plastic material is not biodegradable due to which it emits toxic substances in the surrounding that ends up in waterways like rivers, streams, and oceans. In this way, plastic is becoming dangerous for aquatic life as its consumption is very harmful to organisms. Therefore, it has become far more crucial for brands to switch to recyclable materials. Because:

  • When you use biodegradable packaging, you will be promoting the norm due to which other people will take inspiration out of it.
  • By using recyclable materials, your consumption of packaging material will be decreased.
  • The energy consumption for the manufacturing of organic packaging material is very low.
  • The addition of chemicals due to toxic materials will be reduced or eliminated.
  • The organic packaging materials also bring ease to the users to spend less cost as they are mostly inexpensive.

Cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable

Cardboard boxes are manufactured by using wood pulp extracted from pine trees. For their production, renewable sources are used. Cardboard material does not bring any calamity to the integrity of the ecosystem. Ethical considerations are carefully taken while manufacturing these boxes. You can surely reuse these boxes after recycling without affecting the environment.

Using recyclable material is far more advantageous for product manufacturers as they influence customers’ behaviour. It has been observed that packaging plays a powerful impact on customers’ mindsets. As far as ecological factors are concerned, any product manufacturer may notice an abrupt uplift in its sales if it shifts to green packaging.

Diverse ecological packaging

Using green packaging does not make your packaging design boring. In fact, it gives you various design options to pack different types of products. For this purpose, you may use diverse packaging mediums.

Paper bags

Plastic bags are highly dangerous for nature as their disposal not only contaminates the air but also provides harm to other creatures living in the water. Therefore, brands would rather offer their products in paper bags. These bags are largely used for grocery items. They can also be used for dry food items to keep them safe. Such as these bags are used to pack cereals and coffee. Most clothes brands also used these bags to promote eco packaging.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for many products packaging. They are sturdy and strong enough to protect the product. Their manufacturing saves energy and therefore does not release carbonated elements into the environment. You can design these boxes in suitable designs and sizes as they are highly flexible. These boxes are not heavier and therefore beneficial. The retailers can easily stack and ship products packed in these boxes. Due to the lightweight, they help users by reducing the shipping costs.

Kraft boxes

Kraft material is another packaging medium that is well-known for its biodegradability. Most brands use these boxes to pack various items such as cosmetic companies. These boxes have enough strength to keep the product compact. You can use raw boxes as well as different colour boxes as per your interest.

Help you to know the layers of packaging

Packaging plays a significant role to maintain the quality of the product. Different products need different layers of packaging. Choose the best packaging design to keep your product safe and sound. Your product packaging may need the following layers.

  • Inner packaging

Such a type of packaging is often used to pack foodstuffs to keep them fresh. For instance, you can use a paper bag to pack coffee beans instead of using a plastic bag. The paper bag made of pulp extract is also compostable and therefore brings no harm to the environment.

  • Outer packaging

Your product may also need outer packaging such as you can use a kraft box to pack candy bars. The outer packaging assists you to transport the product safely to its destination.

Expand your brand reach

Just like the brands are shifting to renewable packaging materials, the customers’ preferences are also changing. Most people are aware of the toxic effects that non-recyclable packaging can bring to the environment. Therefore, they consider it their responsibility to favour those brands that have been using ecological packaging. In a survey, it was shown that more than 50% of the audience agreed to pay more cost on ecological packaging instead of going for toxic packaging materials. With that, product manufacturers contribute their role in sustaining the environmental factors. In this way, they are greatly promoting their brands to prosper their business. By using biodegradable packaging, you can win the trust of the audience and subsequently, you will be covering a big pool of your target audience.


In the light of the adverse effects of toxic packaging mediums, most business firms, as well as shipment companies, have shifted to pollution-free materials. Plastic disposal has adversely affected our ecosystem and marine wildlife. In this alarming situation, shifting to eco friendly boxes is advantageous for brands. These boxes help you to get customized packaging in which you may have different packaging solutions such as kraft, paper, and cardboard boxes. Such convenient packaging also gives you an edge to avail marketing opportunities to increase your brand awareness.

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