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UPDF – One Stop App for All Your PDF Needs!

PDF Stands for Portable Document Format, which is the most common yet powerful way of storing, and sharing important documents as well as protecting them. Introducing UPDF, a free PDF editor for all your PDF needs in a compact lightweight package. Whether you are a business person, teacher, or student, UPDF will be your one-stop place for all your PDF needs. With UPDF you’ll be able to view, edit and annotate all your documents with ease.

What Features UPDF Offer to Deal with PDF Needs

PDF is a cross-platform lightweight PDF utility application that packs powerful PDF tools. Let’s check out what UPDF can do for you:

  1. Add Comments and Annotations to PDF

Annotation is a must-have feature when reviewing business documents or study reports, with UPDF, it’s easier than ever.It is the best PDF annotator with various useful tools.

The in-built annotation tools in UPDF include useful tools such as sticky notes, stamps, text boxes, e-signatures, and so on. It also includes handy features like highlights, strikethrough, and underlining.

UPDF comes with a super handy drawing tool that grants users another degree of editing capability. Draw the shapes freely as you like. You can also insert the built-in shapes to PDF directly (rectangles, ovals, triangles, lines, arrows, etc.)

  1. Edit and Modify Texts and Images in PDF 

It is very frustrating if you find that there are some grammar errors or spelling mistakes on your PDF documents. Don’t worry, editing PDF is no longer a tough task to do unless you have the right tool.UPDF packs powerful editing tools that will grant you to edit the texts and images on a PDF document.

With the help of UPDF, you can correct and modify the texts on a PDF document. Editing texts with UPDF is super easy and smooth.The text font, font size, font color, and font style can be easily changed by UPDF.

What’s more? UPDFalso offers an easy-to-use image editing tool. It is very convenient for you to crop, replace, extract, rotate, insert, and delete images from PDF.

  1. Rearrange PDF Pages Easily

Sometimes you want to remove some pages from your PDF document before you share it with your clients. Sometimes, you found that the order of the pages is wrong. It is necessary for you to use UPDF to help you organize your PDF pages.

UPDF offers different tools to help you organize PDF pages:

If there are duplicated pages of your PDF, or you just want to remove some unwanted pages, you can use the Delete tool.

The extract tool lets you extract specific pages from PDF and then save them as a separate PDF document.

You can replace some pages with another PDF document easily with UPDF.

If you want to change the orientation of your PDF page, you can click the left or right button to help you.

UPDF enables you to insert a blank page, or insert some pages from another PDF document.

  1. Read PDF Documents with the Best Experience

With multiple viewing modes available, UPDF provides the best reading experience for you. You can choose a suitable mode to read your PDF document. UPDF’s high performance ensures you to open and read large PDF documents fast and smoothly.

UPDF comes with a great feature to create and manage bookmarks. You can add, rename, and delete the bookmark according to your content.

UPDF also comes with a viewing feature that supports multitasking. You can open multiple PDF documents in different tabs to improve your work efficiency.

  1. Share Your PDF Documents Easily

When you share your PDF documents with others, you will find that the PDF document is too large to attach to your email. And during the email sending process, your PDF document may encounter damage. That’s why UPDF can help you share your PDF document through a link.

You can generate a link by UPDF to share your PDF document. It is possible for you to set the a expiration date to the link for security consideration. You can make the link valid within 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or forever. You can also set the permissions for the link. You can allow or disallow the copy/download/print of your PDF document. The receivers can open and view your PDF document by clicking the link.

UPDF was built keeping in mind the usability for tech-savvy users as well as general non-tech background users of any age. The user-friendly and appealing UI will make you choose UPDF for all your documents.

Conclusion:UPDF is a lightweight PDF utility app that, despite being free, doesn’t compromise on features like some other available applications on the market. UPDF is constantly being updated as technology improves further, and the developers of UPDF love to listen to the users’ needs. If you have needs to annotate, edit, and manage PDF document, UPDF is definitely your best choice.

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