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Using Cloud Technology to Build a Better Future with Mobile Apps

Mobile cloud computing is one of the many buzzwords disrupting the international software space.

Mobile apps, by far, are not a simple phenomenon. Building mobile applications takes expertise, time, and effort. It would be fair to say that building mobile applications is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, many Chicago mobile app development companies can do that.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, is a technology that has made storing data and accessing it easier. Data transaction speeds have always been an issue, and cloud computing technology is beginning to solve the problem.

Bringing the ease of cloud computing to smartphones could only be done one way; through mobile cloud computing. Any company for app development Chicago or anywhere else could easily build an app that could set all your worries straight.

Facts & Figures About MCC

Mobile cloud computing is not old, but its usages have already made many identify its importance. It has been clear that mobile cloud computing schemes are highly accurate in the data verification process. Moreover, the cost of data transmission is also significantly less, which makes it ideal for many.

Furthermore, another benefit of MCC or mobile cloud computing is improved resource allocation that fosters better distribution of the tasks. It not only results in better performance, more efficiency but also a more secure environment.

The mobile Software as a Service (SaaS) market has continuously grown over the period of time. By 2021, the figure amounted to a whopping 7.4 billion USD. Now, more and more businesses are following the trend and building amazing mobile cloud computing apps.

Before we dive deep and learn what the benefits and applications of the technology are, let’s first know what it is.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)?

Mobile cloud computing is the phenomenon that refers to the combination of mobile app development and cloud computing technologies. The combination provides a number of benefits. The primary one is access to cloud technology through a smartphone.

All the amazing and speedy processing features of cloud computing can be easily accessed through mobile phones. One can easily use cloud technology to store large amounts of data, access it easily and through blinding speeds, and do all that while through a mobile cloud computing (MCC) app.

Mobile Cloud Computing Applications

The applications of this technology are many. From building a simple data-fetching app to an application that does complex work and performs critical operations, mobile cloud computing can be used for anything.

There are already a number of mobile cloud computing uses around you. You might be using one right now, unaware. Let’s have a quick look at some of the top and real-world cloud computing applications with mobile.

1. Email Apps

If you are the one with regular use of email apps, you might be a regular beneficiary of mobile cloud computing technology. Many don’t use their email accounts regularly. But those who do, know that it is extremely easy to access their email accounts from their mobile application or maybe through a less convenient way by using a mobile internet browser.

All of these mobile email applications use cloud computing technology at the back to store, process, and dispatch necessary information. Email apps and services are one of the biggest and most impactful mobile app development and cloud computing applications around the globe.

2. Social Media Apps

You must be a social media user. If not, someone in your circle must be one. Social media platforms and applications have grown in popularity over the past few years. Rarely do we experience slow processing of these applications. This is because all of these platforms use cloud development technology.

Social media apps are another significant usage of mobile cloud computing technology. Even with billions of monthly users and millions of active users, these platforms never let you down. That is where any specialized Chicago mobile app development company could come in handy and provide top services of app development Chicago.

3. FinTech Apps

Financial technology is another thriving category where more and more advancement is allowing users worldwide to benefit from the innovative features of technology. Whether you use the banking app to perform operations or transfer money online or you use modern-day financial services platforms such – all of them use cloud computing.

Many of the mobile applications of financial services providers have equipped themselves and built with using all the latest features. Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is a feature that allows the best of two technologies to be put together. It helps manage all the efficiency-related problems and allows the administrators to achieve all the tasks with convenience.

4. Healthcare Apps

The Healthcare industry is arguably the biggest beneficiary of technology. From state-of-the-art machinery and medical equipment, everything is aided by technology. When it comes to mobile applications, the healthcare industry is one of the most plausible industries with the increasing demand for faster processing speeds and improved efficiency.

Coupled with the latest cloud computing technology, mobile apps could easily overcome any problems related to slower processes and software. Mobile cloud computing can solve most of the efficiency-related issues. Healthcare mobile applications can be easily built and operated. Cloud computing mobile apps can build better healthcare processes.

5. Gaming Apps

Ever wondered when you tap a button in an online mobile game or fire a bullet and swerve your car sideways – how it never lags and how does it react in such swift time? Mostly, it is because of cloud computing technology at work. It provides you with a seamless experience and helps you build faster systems. There are also a number of other features that the technology brings along.

Mobile cloud computing allows numerous games to offer smooth, seamless, and lag-free streaming and online gameplay services. The revolutionary technology aids the modern industry in achieving many feats and implementing features that attract more and more into playing games. Gaming apps reap the full benefits of mobile cloud computing.

Why Choose Mobile Cloud Computing?

The technology has a number of benefits that distinguish it from the traditional systems and technologies. Whether you are a Chicago mobile app development company or a business owner searching for better systems, there is a lot you can get from this.

Here are a few benefits you get with Mobile Cloud Computing Services.

1. Storage Space

When you choose cloud for your app development Chicago campaign or any other, you get enough storage space for all your operations and functions.

2. Better Performance

Cloud computing offers better performance when integrated the right way, allowing systems to work in a better way and provide ameliorated results.

3. Improved Data Management

Mobile cloud computing allows for improved data management, with the facility to manage, scrub, cleanse and maintain the data in many ways.

4. Faster Processing

For the requirements of faster processing, cloud computing offers a number of solutions and options that help apps acquire more downloads easily.

5. Cross-Platform Support

No matter which platform you are using and which systems you are on, mobile cloud computing enables you to access data without such limitations.


Cloud computing and mobile app development are the two leading technologies in the world. From simple mobile applications to sophisticated ones, from straightforward cloud solutions to complex, these technologies have everything to support modern-day businesses and fulfill their needs.

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is a term or technology that allows business owners to enjoy the features of cloud technology in a mobile app. This means that whatever features you have in mind for a web-based cloud application can be integrated with your mobile app.

The technology also has a number of features. From better speed to improved efficiency to enhanced management options, mobile cloud computing enables business owners and end-users to take complete advantage of the features offered.

Moreover, there are numerous applications and avenues where one can implement the technology and offer better services to the clients. For many, MCC is an alien technology with no existence. However, the real-world applications of this technology are serving billions of people around the globe.

Lastly, the need for improved, well-researched, and concrete solutions that add value to the lives of users and society is imperative. The ultimate goal of these services, products, or SaaS is to empower the public and allow them to carry out all the tasks and operations with minimum hassle.

Technology is just getting started: there is a lot to accomplish!

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