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VMware Professional Services: Why Should Your Business Choose It?

VMware Professional Services

VMware is one of the most popular virtualization and cloud computing solutions on the market. It is often discussed by companies that desire to use some of their computing resources in the cloud. VMware Professional Services can provide a variety of advantages, from better management of traffic spikes to flexible software testing environments.

Most companies with more than 50 employees use virtual machines, and 75 per cent of those use VMware. Is VMware Professional Services a good fit for your business? Probably yes. If you want to know more about VMware, the answer is to explain what it is.

What is VMware?

VMware is a cloud infrastructure software company. It is the first to virtualize the x86 architecture and is capable of running virtualization software on Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as directly on server hardware through its bare-metal ESXi hypervisor that doesn’t require an operating system to function.

VMware makes switching to the cloud seamlessly and effective for businesses when it comes to everyday solutions. An organization can pool physical servers of any specification, and then distribute its resources across virtual machines powered by VMware.

Better yet, VMware partners can perform day-to-day cloud operations, including management of hosting infrastructure, software, and hardware. So companies can concentrate solely on developing software in a flexible development environment.

However, VMware and using a VMware Private Cloud has many more benefits than that.

1. Security

Our Supportfly Managed Private Cloud solution includes everything you need to host your website, as well as VMware to manage your VMware vSphere environments. A virtualization management software such as VMware can give you centralized visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure.

With vCenter Server, which is available on either Windows or Linux, you can manage all your ESXi hosts through its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

You can design a secure backup solution for all cloud infrastructure at once with a VMware centre. It will reduce the risk of losing information. This also allows you to protect your company against insider threats and remote code execution attacks.

2. High Availability

Virtualizing your infrastructure gives you the ability to run the workloads you need in an environment that is optimized for them. You’ll also want to create a system with high availability since many of these workloads will move between running in the background and kicking into action.

High availability in VMware is based on three properly configured tools: vSphere High Availability, vSphere vMotion, and Distributed Resource Scheduler. VMware centralized management tools improve your ability to control ESXi hosts as well as their virtual machines for moving live workloads, handling security issues, and performing routine server maintenance.

With VMware’s enterprise-grade resources allocation tools, you can keep technical cloud infrastructure management to a minimum, while deploying your cloud-native software as often as necessary and supporting a large active user base.

3. Scalability

You can benefit from VMware Professional Services when your workload spikes, such as when releasing a new version of your web application. Agile cloud infrastructure can help mitigate downtime risks and minimize costs in this case.

VMware Private Cloud lets you choose which workloads the virtual machines should perform, then rebalance them automatically as necessary so that critical processes continue to run. It is also possible to temporarily scale up your cloud to meet your needs and then scale it back down later if they are all busy.

Each VMware Server instance supports 1,000 ESXi hosts and 10,000 virtual machines, so this scalability is easy to manage. You can also expand your vCPUs, RAM, and storage without adding new hardware.

4. Data Compliance

VMware Private Cloud is also flexible when it comes to meeting various security and compliance requirements, including HIPAA Compliance Hosting for healthcare organizations.

VMware uses sandboxed virtual machines to isolate every workload. Even if it runs on the same physical computer, giving you and your users some peace of mind.

5. Ease of Use

In addition to solving the resource provisioning issues, VMware virtualization provides another solution to a critical challenge. It is costly to use secure resources for intensive tasks without virtualization. Then these resources are wasted when they temporarily decrease.

Virtualization allows for the scalability of any environment in a short amount of time by using the resources from other virtual machines when they are idle. This allows you to scale up your environment when needed to complete tasks and scale it down to save money when it isn’t.

It does not require complex terminal configurations for administrators to monitor and manage various workloads through VMware vCenter GUI. Virtualization is becoming a more viable and cost-effective solution as companies continue to modernize their infrastructure.

6. Provides virtual desktop infrastructure

This feature enables us to access our desktops anywhere we desire. This eliminates the need for a desktop setup in the workplace since VMware Horizon allows us to enable Windows desktops to be managed and run by the VMware cloud or AWS.

It reduces the number of things for us, such as the need to manage and configure the desktop at the workplace, as well as reducing the monitoring and management of user security. We can use this in combination with VMware products named Dynamic Environment Manager and App Volumes, which assist us in delivering applications and managing Windows desktops.

7. Provide us SDDC platform

SDDC manager simplifies the process of integrating multiple applications into one platform, for example, VMware NSX, vSphere, vSAN, etc. This VMware cloud foundation software bundles these mentioned applications while using the SDDC platform. We can deploy this bundle on the private cloud, as well as have the option of running it as a service in the public cloud. The administrator can perform all of these tasks. They also have access to the application without requiring storage or a network.

8. Reduced IT costs

When you use virtualization, you require fewer hardware servers and related resources to achieve the same level of computing performance, availability, and scalability. VMware cloud servers allow your IT staff to greatly reduce manual, time-consuming processes by automating operations, thereby reducing operational expenses.

Reduced hardware footprint, lower cooling power consumption, and reduced data centre square footage reduce the company’s energy costs.

9. Efficient resource utilization

The benefits of VMware cloud servers enable your business to maximize resources and hardware investments. Resource management capabilities can reduce complexity in virtual environments by increasing efficiency.

The use of multiple servers in traditional infrastructures does not maximize their efficiency. Most of these servers would only use 2-10% of the hardware resources of the server. VMware servers make it possible to run multiple virtual servers on the same host and optimize resource usage.

Utilize VMware Cloud Services with Supportfly

The managed VMware private cloud is a perfect fit for companies who are seeking to optimize their performance & infrastructure. Service providers such as Supportfly offer high-quality VMware Professional Services. We can help businesses determine their needs and customize their private clouds to meet those needs. Several benefits can be obtained immediately from a VMware Private Cloud architected by experienced professionals, including flexibility, reliability, and performance and cost-efficiency enhancements.

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