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Ways to Boost Service Operations with Advanced Telematics Software

Ways to Boost Service Operations with Advanced Telematics
Ways to Boost Service Operations with Advanced Telematics

Skilled labor home services such as plumbing and landscaping have been a huge part of business operations. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for these services by multi-folds. Telematics software solutions have automated the sector for better experience. 

Managing field operations, especially when they are service-oriented can be difficult. This is mostly because technicians and experts have several concerns that make their field operations difficult without the aid of workforce management software

Do you want to know what these issues are and how they can be mitigated with the right software help? Continue reading this article for more information! 


Issues In Field Service Operations 

When it comes to field services, arising issues can either be operational, managerial, or human resource-related. One thing to note, however, is that whatever the issues might be, it ends up causing a massive setback to the business. 

  • Time Management: Managing their time is a major issue for service executives because most of their tasks require major traveling. Knowing what the traffic is going to look like and how long reaching from one task site to another will take is a huge concern. 
  • Route Management: Route management and time management go hand-in-hand. Once a service operations executive knows the places they need to visit for the day, they need to get their route for the day mapped out so that they waste the least amount of time on the same. 
  • Task Verification: First of all, knowing whether or not an executive is where they say they are is a task. Secondly, the software also needs to detect whether the executive has actually completed the job with client satisfaction. 
  • Vehicle Downtime: The executives will obviously need vehicles to move around from location to location. Therefore, the way the function of the vehicle also makes a difference. Any vehicle downtime will make the enti9re operative channel go bad. 


How to Boost Operations Through Telematics in Workforce Management Software 

Now that you know the problems that most field service operations have to face, let us look into some solutions. It is important to note that the better the fleet management software or workforce management software you use, the better telematics you’ll get with it, and hence, better solutions. 

  • Advanced Route Planning: WIth telematics systems in a fleet management software system, your employees will always get to see the routes they need to follow. Say no to excessive traffic and unnecessarily long routes between two sites. 
  • Task Management: If your organization has a CRM, you could iterate it with your workforce management software and GPS trackers. This way, executives get to see the tasks they need to do on a map so that they can time and plan themselves accordingly. 
  • Proper Maintenance: With the right telematics software, you’d know when your vehicles are not being maintained properly. The right hardware and software integration will help you drastically reduce downtime. 
  • Real-time Monitoring: Monitor all the functions in your fleet and team in real-time to not miss any detail throughout the day. 


Summing Up 

There you have it! A clear overview of what makes service operations difficult and how using software with advanced telematics helps relive them. Advanced telematics is the future of better field operations. Through connected functioning, there are very few issues that cannot be solved – be it for managing people or vehicles. 

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