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What Activities Can We Do in Hong Kong?

Best places of Hong Kong
Best places of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a paradise and a top choice for travel, food, and fashion. Moreover, the vibrant culture and fascinating history attract millions of visitors every year. There are new and unique shops around the city and features popular ancient temples. Besides, the city is home to gorgeous beaches, islands, fishing villages, hiking trails, rugged mountains, and stunning attractions. Tourists can participate in so many activities, from sightseeing to exploring beaches and participating in thrilling activities.

Find out the activities to do in Hong Kong during the trip for an everlasting experience.

Best places of Hong Kong

Shopping in the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong

Shopping is one of the popular things to do in Hong Kong. Moreover, there are several unique shops and street night markets to explore during the trip. Tourists can stroll through the market lying in Kowloon, a place to try a diverse range of food and shops. In addition, vendors sell gadgets of different types, jade jewelry, and traditional Chinese crafts. The markets get around 6:00 pm. However, vendors are slow to set up a little late, so you don’t have to come too early.

Popular markets to explore are Ladies Market and Temple Street in Kowloon and Jardines Crescent in Causeway Bay. Additionally, Tai Yuen Toy Market in Wan Chai and Cat Street Market in Sheung Wan is worth exploring. Tourists can plan an interesting itinerary and make an Allegiant Airlines booking to get access to the top-notch amenities.

Relive your childhood in Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park is one of the interesting vacay spots for people of all age groups. Moreover, the park shares a theme of all the cartoon characters of Disney, giving an insight into childhood moments. While you are in Hong Kong, don’t forget to visit the park and relive your childhood. The site opens between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience later, one can book tickets from the official site in advance.

In addition, the park is categorized into seven lands. It includes Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Main Street, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, Tomorrowland, and the USA. Moreover, every year the park hosts performances throughout the year in various areas, featuring paradises, musical events, and firework displays.

Take City Tour on a Bus

Hong Kong provides flexible modes of transportation to travel and explore popular landmarks. Moreover, tourists can hop on a bus for sightseeing excursions in Hong Kong. There are impressive networks of buses connecting to all major tourist spots and taking tourists from one place to another. The best part is it costs an affordable fee, and you can see the alluring scenes of the city. In addition, the timings of the bus tour may vary, but each bus opens to fascinating places. For instance, buying a classic ticket for the Live-Guided Stanley Tour will start at 10:30 am between Saturday and Sunday.

Go hiking in Hong Kong

If you explored all the fancy places and wished to spend a day on adventurous outdoor experiences, go hiking. Being the city’s popular hiking trail, it offers spectacular views over the Big Wave Way, Mount Collinson, and Shek O. While you are here, feel nature hear birds singing and leaves rattling in the ocean breeze. It will be refreshing and a little exercise and escaping to the Dragon’s Back Hike.

In addition, the hike is not challenging but ensures to start at Section 8. From here, take a walk for a short distance, then to the rolling sections to Big Wave Bay. Once you reach the site, take a taxi or a minibus to get to Shek O. Both places have beautiful beaches for swimming and doing all the fun beach activities. On the other hand, Shek O features the top-rated restaurants serving the best seafood.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Visit Tai O Fishing Village

A Hong Kong trip is incomplete without taking a tour of Tai O Fishing Village. However, the place lies far away from the glamorous city and all the crowded places. But people come here to learn about the traditional ways to live life. The Tanka people living in Tai O on Lantau Island have made homes on stilts. You can take boat rides around the village after which you can explore the local markets and some fresh seafood. Lucky souls may spot dolphins who visit the town occasionally in the waters. Furthermore, wander around the village streets, explore the stalls, or feel alive in the lapse of nature.

See the Symphony of Lights Show and Cruise

The symphony of Lights Show looks drop-dead gorgeous, and it is probably the best thing to do in the area. Moreover, it represents a mix of technology and creativity, and it claims to be the largest permanent light show worldwide. To spot the most incredible scenes, visit the site between 8:00 pm and 8:14 pm across Victoria Harbour. The ideal places to spot the skyline are from the top of Victoria Peak or from the Kowloon waterfront. However, the latter site is the perfect place to watch laser and light shows Symphony of Lights.

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