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What are important topics to cover in UPSC Mains Syllabus?

After passing the UPSC Prelims Exam, candidates appear for UPSC Mains Exam. You have to score well to get shortlisted for an interview. There are 9 papers in the Mains exam of IAS; two are optional. In this blog, we will help you create an ace strategy to cover UPSC Main Syllabus, and the common mistakes aspirants should avoid while preparing for this prestigious exam. 

Many aspirants take for granted the essay part and focus only on other subjects. This is the first and primary mistake for an IAS candidate. Essay writing is the first and foremost paper in the Mains exam. In this blog, we will give you tips for writing an essay that will surely reward you with results.

5 Tips to Prepare Mains Syllabus

It’s not new for you to know that the first seven papers are vital to getting a good score in UPSC Exam. The rest of the two optional subjects are according to your interest, so naturally, you must prepare hard. Below, we have given five tips to prepare and cover the Mains syllabus easily.

  • Save Your Time – In case you are going to appear in the UPSC exam for the first time or you have not been 21 years old (Minimum Age to Appear in UPSC), then start your preparation as much earlier as you can. Most of the applicants make this mistake. They start preparing so late and then blame that they hadn’t enough time. You don’t make such a mistake and create a strategy for this. Arrange all the necessary resources, such as books, study material, and coaching. Stay dedicated to your plan.


  • Practice Writing Answers for Mains- Appeared in Prelims exam? Now start practicing to write answers for UPSC Mains Exam. As an IAS exam aspirant, You are familiar with the fact that you have to write at least 200 to 300 words of answer. Many candidates create notes for current affairs from the very beginning. By this, they develop the skill to write long answers for Mains exam and notes in their own language. That notes can be used at the time of revision.
  • Mind Mapping-  Mind mapping is beneficial for UPSC aspirants in understanding and learning better and quicker. Candidates interlink many topics related to current affairs and use them to write descriptive answers in the exam. Almost every mentor suggests aspirants develop mind mapping skills, and they even help them.


  • Create Notes for Prelims and Mains Simultaneously – While preparing for the prelims exam, create descriptive notes for the Mains exam too. It will save you time and effort so that you can cover more topics. After finishing the Preliminary exam, start working on Mains exam notes. There are nine papers and many overlaps with Prelims exam subjects, so take advantage of this and work smart.
  • Current Affairs – Most of the current affairs questions in Prelims or Mains are related to history or recent events. It means if you are not following the current affairs section or reading the newspaper, then you will miss a chance to achieve some numbers.

Essay Writing Tips
At last, as we mentioned, we will tell you some points for Mains Essay writing. Below are the points you should keep in mind.

  • Choose your topics smartly.
  • Write down the points you should mention in the Essay.
  • Frame an attractive structure.
  • Keep your views neutral.
  • Put some facts and figures, if you have any.
  • Write the conclusion crisp and clear.


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