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What are PODs, and How Can We Use Them?

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The vaper market (electronic cigarettes) does not stop changing. So, if you get lost a bit, lose the thread, and stop finding out about the latest, you need the information given in this article.

Today a model comes out with interesting news, and a few months later, another one appears with new ideas that revolutionize the world of vaping. The latest of the latest has been the POD-type vapers, which have revolutionized the market, giving vapers a new twist. But what is a POD? I will tell you right away. However, you can also use the information given on these vape cartridge boxes before buying these PODs.

What is a POD for vaping?

PODs are a new type of vapor or electronic cigarette designed with the smallest possible device size, pocket size but even greater smoking cessation efficiency than some of the more powerful models on the market. Their resistances are not very powerful, they are usually above 1oHm, and they are designed to work with a special type of liquid called Nicotine salts.

And if you have already used vapers before and have some experience, you will be wondering logically. If they have a resistance above 1oHm, which means that they do not offer much power and therefore do not produce as much vapor as other models, why is it that efficient? The key is in the nicotine salts for which the PODs are designed. These are a very novel type of liquid to vape and with certain advantages.

These new liquids include among their ingredients the salts of nicotine, a type of nicotine naturally present in the tobacco plant, which, when vaping produces a more satiating sensation than routine nicotine. This type of nicotine is dispensed more gradually in the body, even using high doses of nicotine, which avoids certain discomforts such as dizziness, itching, or “scratching the throat” that some vaping users experience with normal vaping liquids.

Nicotine salts and PODs, a very efficient set to quit smoking

The key is satiety.

Indeed, these nicotine salts are very satiating, as they are prepared in several doses of up to 20 mg/ml of nicotine (it is recommended for PODs), but without producing those unwanted effects of coughing, dizziness, or “scraping” of the throat that some vaping users suffer from. But nicotine salts cannot be used in high-potency vapers, they must be used with PODs, which have low potency and deliver nicotine more gradually, so that, although not as much vapor is produced as with other more powerful vapers, the feeling of satiety is very high and you no longer feel like smoking tobacco for a long time. 

Why are the PODs so small?

Well, it does not require so much vaping power to produce the desired feeling of satiety. Therefore, we do not need such large and heavy batteries. We have enough batteries between 300mAh and 1500mAh, which are the ones that PODs usually use. It is evident that the most advanced vaping users have very powerful, bulky, and heavy devices because they are the best option, but nobody wants such heavy batteries, and if they use them, they do not have more options. The ideal is to be able to use vapers, like the pocket-sized PODs that transport them easily without discomfort.

So, the PODs are so small because when using low power, their batteries do not drain so quickly, and it allows us to use smaller batteries with which we can use the POD all day without fear of running out of charge. Same battery life, minimum size, and maximum efficiency are all in one.

PODs have been devised to be very easy to use, but there are always different types of the person with many preferences, so two types of PODs have been devised with open and closed cartridges. You must choose which is the one that best suits your needs.

PODs work with cartridges, which are parts that are inserted into the POD as if they were a removable device. The cartridge consists of the reservoir for the liquid, the resistance of the atomizer, and the power button.

The open cartridge PODs contain a refillable reservoir, which allows you to choose your liquids, flavors, and nicotine level. Being able to refill it as many times as you need until the resistance runs out of its useful life. It is also necessary to change the cartridge.

Closed cartridge PODs are non-refillable and come in different flavors and levels of nicotine. They are disposable, once the liquid is used, it is changed for a new cartridge. These are the least used for their lack of versatility, sometimes they can even drop drops of liquid in the mouth, but some users do not want to overcomplicate and choose this cartridge type.

The most used are the open cartridge, as they offer greater versatility and allow you to choose flavors and nicotine levels to taste. When you look into the details of instructions given on custom CBD boxes, you can easily understand the difference.

Advantages of PODs

It’s feeling of fullness is maximum, being ideal for quitting smoking.

They require little power, so their batteries are small.

Its total size is small, pocket-size, being very easy to transport.

Although they produce a moderate amount of steam, they are very discreet, you can take quick puffs, and no one will know that you are using them, as they fit whole in your hand.

They are convenient to use and do not require prior learning. Most have a single power button and nothing else. It will try to remove and put cartridges and fill them with the chosen liquid.

They are much cheaper than other more advanced vapers.

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