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What are the benefits of using a permanent recruitment agency?

Permanent Recruitment Agency

The employees are the most significant asset of the company. It is the employees of the company who, all together, move the company closer to its desired aims. Permanent recruitment agency enable you to fill the gap between where a company is and where it wants to reach. Thus, for a better future for a company, it is essential that they hire the right people. 

For this, the company shall firstly be clear about what it is looking for. Then the next steps would include screening through the applications made for the vacancy, the preliminary elimination, and other recruitment processes. 

However, since no one can be perfect in all the areas, it becomes difficult to appoint the best-qualified person by the company and calls for the need of a recruiter. In addition, recruitment agencies compete for the responsibility of the vacancy to be filled, and the company can focus on better and effective areas. 

Thus, if you are looking for some of the best permanent recruitment agency, you have landed at the right place. 

Different hiring needs of the company

Before any company approaches the recruitment agency, it is essential that a company, beforehand, understands the needs of the recruitment agency. The recruitment agency offers varied services based on the type of the company hiring needs. The hiring needs of a company can be classified as:-

  • Frequency

If the company is in the position to appoint employees infrequently, say once or twice a year, it is suggested that a company doesn’t put much time and effort into the process and simply leaves it on the recruitment agency. It will reduce your job and would give you the right person.

However, if the company requires hiring frequently, it is more advisable to have an entire HR department within the company for the same. It is because it is regular work and forms part of daily activities for the company, making it riskier to give internal control in other people’s hands. 

  • Nonstop

If your company is in the expansion phase and is at its peak of sales revenue and returns on investment, it is more appropriate to take the help of a recruitment agency. The upsizing of the company is the most critical phase, and any slight negligence can lead to devastating results.

This phase requires the most attention, and no time is left to give into the hiring procedure. Thus, to save time and cost of the company, recruitment agencies do wonder. 

Likely, if the company isn’t in the expansion phase yet but would soon enter it, it is high time to screen out the less important tasks and outsource the possible tasks to make the best use of the time in hand in the most effective and efficient ways. 

Benefits of using a permanent recruitment agency

Whether one should go for a recruitment agency or establish an HR department within the company has always been a tough choice. To ease your decision, listed below are some of the benefits in favour of Recruitment agencies. 

1) Saves cost and time

Hiring an employee is a time-consuming task as it involves going through a lot of steps prior to the final selection of employees. The complicated tasks consist of-

  • Identifying the Hiring Needs of the company.
  • Preparing the Job Description for the prospective candidates
  • piling up of the applications
  • Screening and Shortlisting the applicants 
  • Interviewing the shortlisted candidates 
  • Evaluation of the shortlist and choosing the best candidate from the available options.

However, at times teh companies don’t have enough time to give in to the recruitment process and opt for a recruitment agency. The agency professionally performs the process with the help of devoted experts. A committed team and finalizes the best candidate for the company, thus saving cost and time. 

2) Enables growth and expansion

The right recruitment agency can help you build your ideas and goals and grow your company. The recruitment agency takes full responsibility for the hiring and reduces the company’s job. The companies thus have time and resources to be channelized into the most productive use enabling them to grow in the best productive manner. Similarly, outsourcing the hiring process helps the companies to expand their businesses by putting force and attention into more important areas. 

3) Expert opinion

The recruitment agencies are supposed to have full knowledge of the federal requirements and the ethical requisites. The recruitment laws are complex and are often misinterpreted. The companies who do all of the recruitment by themselves often face confusion in different aspects. Some of them like the workplace, maternity leave, wages, salary, other benefits, and unfair dismissals. 

However, the recruiters are professionals and remain updated with the amendments in the law. Enabling you to avoid any lawful outcomes. Their dedicated team of recruiters experts makes sure that the employment laws have been complied with. The prerequisites of the hiring procedure have been aptly and legally accomplished. 

4) Access to best candidates

The companies often work in a hurry and end up choosing a less qualified person for the job. This is because when the hiring is to be done on a regular basis. It gets difficult for the company to manage the hiring procedure patiently along with the daily activities. 

On the other hand, the recruitment agencies have one job to do and they do it with their full potential. They direct all their efforts in one direction and evaluate the job seekers. They conduct professional research about the same before building a relationship between the job providers and job seekers. 

The recruitment agency makes sure that the employees align well with the company’s values and ethics. 


Hopefully, the facts and information mentioned above could be of some help to you. And have contributed to your decision of choosing the right source of hiring. In a nutshell, if you ever step out looking for some best top permanent recruitment agency, you shall first consider the pros and cons of the same, depending upon the hiring needs of the respective company.

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