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What are the different types of safes?


The current world home security systems look way different than what they looked like a few years back. Now, it’s expanded to include much more tools than alarms and door locks. To keep your valuables protected, safes provide an additional layer of security. Before diving into the topic, let us first understand what safes are. Safes are boxes that are made out of plastic or metal that open only with a password or key. Valuables like jewellery, cash, and crucial documents will be well-protected from theft, as well as fire and water damage.

Considering the growing need for safes, we’ve curated a list that involves different types of safes that are available in the market.

 1. Gun Safes

Although gun cabinets are not promoted legally, people who own guns possess the lawful obligation to make sure their weapon is safe and away from being misused. Not merely that, your home and the gun cabinet will also be inspected by the police before giving you a gun license. So, if you’re planning to keep a gun to ensure safety, make sure to build a gun cabinet for its storage. Otherwise, you’re going to face a lot of problems in availing of the license.

  2. Security safes

There’s nothing particular you should hide in these safes. Home security safes can be used to store any item in it. Usually, they come in small sizes, which is an added advantage as you can hide them away under the bed or any other furniture. People use it to protect their cash along with other essentials from the eyes of thieves. These compatible boxes will ensure that no intruder can get their hands on it easily.

  3. Wall Safes

Yes, here we are talking about the wall safes just like you’ve seen in the movies. Huge mansions will well-guarded wall safes hidden away behind cupboards, closets, and other furniture are in trend right now. It’s usually installed in a place that is easily accessible as well as hidden away from the eyes of the evil. These types of safes are perfect for smaller apartments as wall safes can be easily concealed by artwork or frame. Be it jewellery, cash, or paperwork. The safes can be used to store all kinds of valuables.

  4. Fire-proof safes

Safes are not only meant to protect your safe from theft and robbery, but they also come to the rescue at times of fire breakout in your home. In case a fire breaks out, your valuables will be locked away in fire-resistant safes. You can find a variety of fire-proof safes based on the level of blazes they can handle. They range from 60 minutes being the lowest to 90 minutes being the highest. Even the lowest time frame allows for the fire accident to be handled, while the valuables are stored inside safely.

  5. Bespoke safes

Every individual has different needs, and safes available in the market might not cater to their requirements. This is where bespoke safes come into the game. The customers can tailor their luxury safes according to their requirements. When it comes to home security, there might be differences in the requirements, and keeping that in mind, now bespoke safes are made available. Unique features such as biometric systems, watch winders, shapes, and sizes can be fully customized. Get online and book an order of the perfect safe for your home.

   6.Depository Safes

These exactly look like the drop safes that are found in retail stores and banks, but much smaller. Depository safes tailored for home security can fit anywhere as they’re very compact. Without opening it, you can slide money or other documents inside the box. Mostly, it helps people for saving their extra cash, which will rescue them later in times of hardship.


What makes home safes better than bank safe boxes is the fact that the latter is not easily accessible. For instant accessibility, home safes play a better role. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll have access to all your valuables instantly. Investing in a bank safety box might also burn an unnecessary hole in your pocket. As compared to bank safety boxes, home safes are available at pocket-friendly prices with a lot more benefits.

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