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What is autocad how to learn it benifit and uses

What is autocad how to learn it benifit and uses
What is autocad how to learn it benifit and uses

What is AutoCAD 

AutoCAD 2D and 3D are known as computer-aided drafting software applications. It is most commonly used to prepare blueprints in architectural construction and manufacturing work. Apart from this, it is also used in engineering plants.

AutoCAD’s native file format is .dwg. it occurs. AutoCAD was first released as an app in December 1982. At that time it was run in microcomputers that had internal graphic controllers. From the year 2010, AutoCAD was also released for mobile and web-app and it is known among the people as AutoCAD 360. Professionals who use AutoCAD are known as drafters.

 The company that makes AutoCAD is Autodesk. Autodesk itself had launched it in the market. It was the first CAD program that worked on personal computers. This program was named AutoCAD because of its special function. It automatically understands the commands given by the user and provides output as per the need of the user. Because of this, it is known as AutoCAD.

Any drawing made with the help of AutoCAD contains a lot of detail. It serves to explain the picture design. It uses 2D and 3D. That is, it can be designed as two-dimensional and three-dimensional. That is, we can see the pipe in it as a drawing.

Before using AutoCAD, engineers used to use manual and drafting tools like drafting, border, pencil pen, compass, triangle, etc. But now the AutoCAD program is being used more for this kind of work.

AutoCAD became available in the market in 1982. It was first developed for personal computers. Wheels are used to make this CAD system. That is, it is already there from Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Windows.


How to Learn AutoCAD 

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Benefits of using AutoCAD

Lack of mistakes

AutoCAD works on the active principle of software engineering model, in which design and products are made very instantly. It is made digitally so there is constantly a probability to improve it.

Time and money-saving

Due to the user-friendly interface of AutoCAD does its work very fast and quickly. Due to which a lot of time is saved in the design work and it is very productive. Onward with this, the software also provides the choice of correction in it, due to which any change can be done easily in a very short time.

It works like a skilled programmer. This saves both a lot of time and hard and money or the possibilities of making mistakes are greatly reduced in AutoCAD.

Easy to transfer data

Through AutoCAD, Architect-Engineer can easily share files of his designs with many people very easily and fast. In this, it is a bit tricky to share large files without spending data. But through web software, the designs on the internet can be easily shared with other designers without any details loss.

Easy to control

AutoCAD supports the data scanning feature. With the help of this technology, the number of materials and their cost can be calculated easily. This does it much more comfortable to manage the creation and post-production methods.

Useful in manufacturing

 AutoCAD creates production data such as model sizes, product element drawings, dimensions, etc. This helps a lot in creating the database and managing its data and structure.

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