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What is Biggest Skip Bin?

Skip bin is a huge and sturdy container that is used to dispose of all kinds of waste. Disposing of waste has become easy because of a skip bin. Skip bin hire companies to offer skip bins of different sizes.  The biggest skip bin is most commonly used for collecting construction waste.

The large size skip bin is roughly between 11 cubic meters and 15 cubic meters. What’s more, the extra-large skip bin can hold up to 30 cubic meters of waste. The skip bins are charged according to their sizes. If you hire a big skip bin the company will charge you more than what you have to pay if you hire a small one.

Always hire a skip bin according to your specific need. Commercial skip bins Sydney are large in size whereas the ones you use at your home can be smaller.

What Skip Bin Size is Apt?

There are various things that you must consider when you are choosing the size of the skip bin. The first deciding factor is the amount of waste that gets collected. Then pay heed to the kind of waste and the weight of waste. If the waste is very bulky go for a skip bin that is big in size. Otherwise, if you dispose of small things then a medium size skip bin would also do the trick.

When you are choosing a skip bin a bigger size does not always mean better. Usually, at the start, people have more waste but with time the amount of waste that gets collected trims down and you might need a smaller skip bin.

The volume of Waste– A lot of people end up getting confused as to what size they might need. In such a case the best way to go about things is by going with what the skip bin hire company tells you to do.  You can start with a bigger bin and when time passes you can shift to a smaller size bin. Do not mix all kinds of waste otherwise, it can cause issues later on.

Location of Skip bin– Another thing to bear in mind, when choosing the size of a skip bin is the place where you are going to place the bin. If you are placing the skip bin in your driveway make sure that the size is not bigger than the width of your driveway. If you need to put the skip bin on the footpath, you will have to take permission from the authorities for the same.

Mentioned below are Skip bins with different sizes and uses:

  1. Small size skip bin– they are 1.8 meters in length and 1 meter in height. They are ideal for household waste. They are not meant for construction or garden waste. They can be put easily in the driveway as they are not very big in size. The width of the skip bins is 1.5 meters. If you put any extra weight or refuse in these bins the skip bin hire company will levy extra charges.
  2. Medium Size Skip bins- If you are doing a small renovation somewhere then these medium-size skip bins will suffice your purpose. The length of these bins is 2.5 m and the height is 1 m. The width is 1.7 m and they can hold a weight of approximately 2 tonnes. However, if you are renovating huge premises and the amount of rubble will be more you can go for a skip bin that can hold 6 tonnes of waste. Always choose the skip bin size according to the weight of the refuse you need to dispose of.
  3. Big size skip bins- These skip bins are not meant for general waste. Use the brick bins for brick waste and concrete bins for putting concrete waste. If you exceed the weight limit of 6 tonnes the skip bin company will levy extra charges on you. These bins are generally used at huge construction sites. They are carried with help of a crane.
  4. Marrel Skip Bins- These are perfect for small size renovations. They come with wheelbarrow access. The length of these bins is 3.5 m and the height is 1.6 m. Concrete marrel skip should just contain concrete and brick waste. General waste should not be put into it. These bins can hold about 4 to 9 tonnes of waste
  5. Hook Skip Bins– For disposing of bulky items like furniture, beds, etc hook and skip bins are used. They are needed when you are moving houses. The look of these bins is different from other kinds of skip bins.

So, these are different kinds of skip bins that are segregated according to their size. A skip bin company will not charge you any kind of transport fee. They only levy charges according to the capacity of the load that they are required to hold.

Choose the skip bin hire company after checking out different options available to you. Stick with only companies that are known to offer quality and timely services. Commercial skip bins are used in big industrial units and construction sites. There is no need to get them in your home. Read the testimonials of the people that have used the skip bin hire service before and this will give you an idea about how things are going to shape up for you.

The kind of skip bin you go in for depends hugely on what kind of waste you need to dispose of. For heavier material, you need a big and more solid skin bin. For lighter home trash you need a smaller bin. Marrel bin is lifted with help of chains and hook bin is lifted with aid of hook arms and the trash is put into the truck to be carried to the dumps. The mechanism is different but they both are used.

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