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What is BT Leased Line and How its Cost Determined?


Most businesses need a reliable and fast internet connection to stay competitive. But what is BT leased line, and how does its cost get determined? 

In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about BT leased lines, including what they are and how much they cost. 

We’ll also explore some of the benefits that come with using a BT leased line. So if you’re looking for a more reliable and faster internet connection for your business, read on!

What is BT Leased Line?

BT leased line is a  business connection package that comes with integrated Wi-Fi and security, then BTnet is a perfect choice.

With its exceptional speeds and ultra-low latency, the BTnet Leased Line Package is perfect for today’s bandwidth-hungry business. The line comes with integrated Wi-Fi that provides an easy way to connect your devices wherever you are!

With 10Mbps all the way up until 1GBps (that’s over 1000 people!), there really isn’t any excuse not to be able to access whatever it takes from anywhere in town thanks to this service Provider.

BT Leased Line Connection Cost

BT Leased lines are an affordable way for businesses to connect with the internet. For example, if you’re in retail and need quick access but don’t want constant worries about data overages or other fees then leasing may be perfect! Let’s take a look at some factors which play important role in cost:


The first factor that directly affects the cost is how much bandwidth you needed. When you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to communicate, lease lines from our company are exactly what the doctor ordered. We offer different bandwidth packages depending on your needs so we can cater to them specifically just as much tailored service!


When you’re in close proximity to the BT telephone exchange, we use Local Access. This means that our rates will be cheaper because there is no need for expensive leased lines and it also saves time on transport costs! 

If your office isn’t so near though (or if they’re actually far away), then an ethernet connection through InfiniBand could work better–it won’t cost any extra but performance might suffer due to its distance from centralized exchanges like those found at home or work which would result into higher speeds only reaching around 60%.

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Contract Term

Installation is a big expense and can be an important factor in deciding which provider to use. If you are going for longer contracts, like 36 months+, many providers will charge nothing or very little for it while shorter terms may require payment of upfront costs with no discounts offered in return; this could become quite expensive if not careful!

Compare With other Leased Line Providers

By comparing the market for leased line providers, it’s easy to see that there is fierce competition in most major UK cities. One way you can save on your costs when using this service though would be comparing prices between different companies until one offers them at an affordable rate which they are willing to stay with even after signing a contract!

The only downside I’ve found so far about doing business with BT (aside from their high price tag) was having some trouble getting my installation completed but otherwise, everything went smoothly because once again.

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