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What makes you compatible with marriage?

Marriage is a very much awaited event in most people’s lives. Parents search through various alliances to choose the ideal partner for their sons and daughters. Sometimes the parents would find the boy or girl to be good, but then they might find some flaw, and they would go on to find someone else. At other times, sons and daughters fall in love and ask their parents to arrange their marriage. Then the parents will occasionally discover that one of the partners is not a compatible match for their kids. So what exactly qualifies someone for marriage?

If settled?

Most families would check to see if the person is settled, but when choosing a partner for their children, women are given less consideration than men in this aspect. In India, the person who works for the government is most favored. If the boy had a government job, they would give their daughter for marriage counselling right away because it is regarded as prestigious, offers more significant compensation, and is secure. Today’s children are becoming more independent. Even now, they are even starting their own business. The parents are also eager to arrange for their daughter to get married in such circumstances.

As patriarchy has declined, many women have started working and quit being typical housewives. As a result, the boy’s family would pick the female who works and is independent if there were two girls, as this is the current tendency.

Education background

Education is of utmost importance. Even if the family is financially struggling or rich It is desirable that a person be suitable for marriage only when the girl or boy has a strong educational foundation. Earlier, girls were never asked about their educational background, but that’s no longer. Now, only the number of degrees they have is brought up. The same is true for boys. Therefore, if they have a good education, they are compatible for marriage because their parents would be aware that education is the only thing that can ever be of support to a person.

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No bad habits

There are may bad habits that a person may commit. For instance, smoking, drinking, being a drug addict, and being involved in criminal activity. This can be destructive and affect not only the person who does it but also the one who has gotten married to them, and in the end, they will have a failed marriage. Therefore, it becomes crucial for parents to monitor everything to be safe and ensure that the kids have a healthy lifestyle and develop relationships.

Similar interests 

compatible with marriage

Common interests can include preferences and experiences, which might be in selecting clothes, watching movies, or engaging in any activity. Marriage or a relationship with unusual interests can only have a surface degree of love, and it can occasionally cause the parties involved to dislike one another. It is crucial to share interests as a result. Additionally, it becomes simple to determine compatibility with another person. 

Different interests are not bad.

The preverb “opposite attracts” is valid. There are no two people alike in the world. Everyone is distinct and different. When the lack of shared interests is not at all a fault, they can simply accept and appreciate it. For instance, some people might be more introverted than others. The extrovert might then encourage them to come out of their shell. Even now and then, partners can benefit from one another. This also contributes to improving their compatibility with one another. 

Any relationship must be built on compatibility since no parent wants their children to struggle in marriage. A happy and lasting relationship can result from compatibility. Not everyone may always be compatible with all of these things, in which case you can attempt and adjust. Finally, having a good friendship with your spouse will make for the happiest marriage.