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What to Look for When Buying High Visibility Shirts?

What to Look for When Buying High Visibility Shirts?

If you work in a corporation that puts your physical safety in danger. You will almost certainly need high visibility gear because it is vital for your employees. Since visibility is critical if you are an employee or have employees in construction, excavation, or roadwork.

When your employees can see each other, there are fewer chances of accidents. Therefore, workers should wear high-visibility protective gear whether they work at night or during the day. It will increase their security.

Shopping for high-visibility safety clothes may appear simple, but it is a bit tricky. Because the type of protective clothing you require will be determined by a number of criteria. So, how do you determine the type you require when there are so many varieties and items available? Some folks choose the one that best matches their budget or makes them feel at ease. However, there are various other factors to consider in order to make the best option.

The Science Behind HVSA

Hi-vis apparel means materials that are visible, fluorescent, reflective, and even luminescent. Consider work apparel of highway police. They wear a uniform that is highly reflective with white or yellow stripes. Road construction flaggers frequently outfit in full-body HVSA. Such as white or yellow coveralls with fluorescent gloves. Even most fire departments use the same material on the boots of fire departments’ turnout gear.

All these things are important but it depends upon our vision. Particularly how it processes contrast, how light and brightness affect visual identification, and how some regions of the eye see things faster than others.

Since human eyes can frequently see green color but protective gears are not in this color. The cause for this is contrast. Consider a small black dot on a vast piece of white paper. You’ll hardly see that. Whereas, consider a white dot of the same size on a big sheet of black paper. That one stands out like a lone star in the night sky. That’s because anything bright will stand out more in our eyes than something dark, especially when set against a darker background to generate contrast. Similarly, visibility apparel works on the same principle.

Factors to Consider When Buying Hi-Vis Apparel

If you’re unfamiliar with high visibility apparel, such as custom high visibility shirts, vests, jackets, pants, and overalls, this guide is for you. We will look at some of the elements that you must consider when buying high-visibility apparel.


When purchasing custom safety shirts, you must consider the fit. It should be comfortable for the wearer. Workers will wear safety clothes over their regular clothing. So, you should consider the sizes of the employees you are purchasing for and what they will wear underneath. If they must wear heavy safety clothing, it should be large enough to cover them.


Pick the custom visibility attire that covers the whole body, especially at night. See if there are fluorescent stripes on both sides. Because it helps to protect them from potential injuries, from heavy automobiles such as cranes and construction areas. Due to the full coverage, employees can see each other. So, it also enhances teamwork and productivity.

Reflective Material for Night Work

Make certain that the safety wear you purchase for your employees is of great quality. They should maintain their fluorescence. The fluorescence of polyester, acrylic, and nylon lasts the longest. They are also close-knit and, as a result, bright enough for low-light work environments. Whereas, mesh and cotton are more comfortable in hot climates. They do not, however, meet the safety regulations for brightness. Moreover, if you work in a fire department you should consider fire resistance hi-vis apparel.


Furthermore, you will wear your custom high visibility shirts every day at the workplace. Therefore, it’s a good idea to opt for a long-lasting item. Pay attention to the seam and double stitching that should last for at least six months. Moreover, it should not fade or rip, which is a common complaint about low-quality items.

One of Three Colors

Choose colors for your visibility clothing from among yellow-green, red, or orange-red. Regardless of the color choice, they should have fluorescence. This makes them the most apparent to motorists. Hence the safest for the person wearing them.

Climate Appropriate High Visibility Clothing

When purchasing high visibility apparel, ensure that it is appropriate for the climate in which the workers will use it. Because nothing is worse than working on the highway with a thick jacket on a hot day.

In chilly climates, you can ask your employees to wear custom high visibility shirts or vests over their winter apparel. Purchasing these jackets from ApparelnBags is a better solution. Since it will make them appear professional while keeping them comfortable. You can find all types of safety apparel at ApparelnBags.

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