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Which of These OTT devices is Best For Your Business in 2022?

OTT Streaming Devices

OTT streaming devices bringing a big change in 2022 

Much of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming is now being driven by OTT devices. The market for OTT devices is highly ‘fragmented,’ with roughly 63,000 OTT device types like PCs, TVs, and laptops with smartphones dominating the market at 87% of OTT devices. The latter category is further ‘fragmented’ on the basis of models, operating systems, and devices. Hence, OTT distribution will have to match device proliferation and fragmentation.

Hence OTT streaming services have complex issues to handle when using OTT devices. Ideal ways to overcome such hurdles and concentrate on core business are the latest OTT solution that offers packaged below-the-hood operations for OTT platforms to ride hassle-free on OTT devices of their choice!

What is OTT Devices? 

Over-the-top also known as OTT streaming services is primarily the process of distributing media over the internet. When a dedicated device is used for distributing OTT content, it is called an OTT device like your mobile phone or gaming console and your desktop PC.

The OTT device will define the user experience of your OTT platform or OTT streaming service, as in the case of Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. These are accessed as apps on OTT devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV box, Amazon Fire and Roku sticks. But the proliferation of OTT streaming providers and their different pricing structures, benefits and premium offerings is confusing to users.

To help you choose the perfect partner to distribute your video content, we have short-listed Top-9 OTT devices that will deliver user engagement and match your business needs!

Your OTT streaming services should use these Top OTT Streaming Devices in 2022

OTT platforms are where all the action is in 2022. To get maximum engagement on your platform, good content will need a top OTT streaming device that enhances the user experience and brings them back for more. Hence, the high-stakes that the OTT platforms are currently playing, the OTT device you wish to use for your platform is a strategic and critical choice.

Review the following features of these players to choose your OTT streaming device…

  1. Tizen 

Tizen is the Operating System owned by Samsung that became very popular in its Tizen smart TV devices, posting a 21% increase by the year.

Features include:

  • Auto-detection of source devices
  • In-house gaming
  • Sync
  • Multiple device sharing
  1. LG Web OS

Written in Linux, this operating system is redefining user experience in the smart TV marketplace. LG WebOS runs on webOS 6.0 and is used by other TV manufacturers and RCA, Konka, Ayonz.

Features are:

  • Embedded content management
  • Supports editing content remotely
  • Supports playing with content remotely
  • View different content on split screens
  • Synchronized playback of content
  1. Gaming Consoles 

Entertainment is simplified with gaming consoles, since music streaming, web browsing, video streaming is on the same device. On average, 75% of console owners subscribe to anyone OTT service. Examples are as follows:

  • Sony PlayStation – supports multiple free and paid streaming services for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+; it also has its own streaming service PlayStation Vue in 2015.
  • Microsoft XBox – uses Microsoft entertainment to access hundred plus OTT streaming services. It is converting Xbox into a Smart TV app for exclusive games on any SmartTV.
  1. Amazon Fire OS 

This Android-based mobile OS powers Fire TV stick and Amazon tablets and runs android apps without more requirements.


  • It is both an OTT streaming service and device
  • Rich viewing experience
  1. Roku TV OS 

Roku devices running on Roku TV OS is one of the most popular streaming services holding 15.2% of the OTT device market.


  • Customizable home screen
  • Voice search and control
  • Interactive Features
  • Full surround sound
  1. Google Cast 

This software system powers most of the multimedia streaming services on flagship devices by Google Chromecast.


  • No interface
  • Screen sharing with compatible devices
  • Designed for TV, music, movies and more
  1. Android TV 

Running on Android OS, these Android TVs are made by Sony, Asus, TCL, Hisense have a large and huge market share.


  • Voice assistant
  • Customized content
  • Built-in Chromecast
  1. Apple TV OS

OTT device’s market share by Apple TV OS is 2% because of superior branding, premium pricing, rich interface.


  • Intuitive colors
  • Siri remote
  • New A12 bionic chips
  1. Panasonic Firefox OS

OTT content and OTT streaming apps power Panasonic DX-series UHD TVs running on Firefox OS


  • Synching with other devices
  • Customizable home screens

Which of these Top-9 OTT streaming devices does your OTT platform need?

Pushing your OTT platform on these OTT streaming devices is simple and pressure-free because of bridging solutions like online video platforms.

They provide hosting solutions that are economical and full-spectrum operations such as content management and distribution, security, content delivery, video monetization, apart from white-label streaming and live-streaming.

Hence, when you use an OTT device for your streaming service, fall back on OTT solutions like a hosting platform to ensure your business grows sustainably!

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