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Which Tata Harrier Model is Best?

The Tata Harrier is the best example of how it gained a great reputation among its rivals. Getting excited to know the details of Tata Harrier? All the models that the brand is introducing have been thrilling in terms of features matching alongside competitive price contests. The Tata Harrier positioning in between Tata Nexon and Tata Safari is always high-on-demand. We have been closely monitoring the sales and have been witnessing huge interest since its inception, at our different PPS Tata Authorized Showrooms.

Tata Harrier 2022 currently offers 25 different variants namely XMAS AT, XMS, XZ Plus Jet Edition, XZA Plus Jet Edition AT, XZAS AT, XZAS Dark Edition AT, XZS, XZS Dark Edition, XZS Dual Tone, XZ Plus Kaziranga Edition, XTA Plus, XTA Plus Dark Edition AT, Tata Harrier XT plus Dark Edition, XE, XM, XMA AT, XT, XZ, XZ Dual Tone, XZ Plus, XZ Plus Dark Edition, XZA AT, XZA Dual Tone AT, XZA Plus AT, XZA Plus Dual Tone AT.

Journey of Tata Harrier

With updated features, each model has its significance. Before we get into the details on currently trending models, take a quick look at the journey of Tata Harrier through its debut. The first model of Harrier into the Indian market from one of the top Indian car-making brands ‘Tata Motors’ was introduced on 23 January 2019. It is a five-seater diesel-engine compact crossover SUV. However, the name ‘Harrier’ was announced by the company in the summer of 2018.

The car is a C-segment SUV based on the OmegaArc platform. It is an essentially re-engineered version of the Jaguar Land Rover D8 platform. Tata Motors launched the popularly known Tata Harrier Dark edition in October 2019. The exterior and interior of the car are completely black in color, as the name suggests. The Harrier received major feature updates including a panoramic sunroof, an automatic transmission, and increased power output from February 2020.

Tata Harrier Key Specifications

Tata Harrier is available as a 5-seater car with a 6-speed gearbox in both automatic & manual transmission variants. The Harrier has a BS6 engine with 4 cylinders. Its length is 4598 mm, width is 1894 mm, and has a wheelbase of 2741 mm. It has a boot space of 425 liters and a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters. Tata Harrier mileage depends on the model and fuel type while it starts at 14.6 kmpl and moves up to 16.3 kmpl. The other key features include power steering, ABS, driver and passenger airbags, automatic climate control, power windows (front), alloy wheels, air conditioning, and fog lights (front). This first-ever vehicle built on Tata’s new OMEGArc platform employs the new Impact 2.0 design philosophy as it powers a Fiat-sourced diesel engine with 1956 cc.

Is Tata Harrier a luxury car?

Yes, Tata as one of the leading car manufacturers in India has introduced Harrier to be worth buying. Tata Harrier as a premium SUV has the best value for money in the segment with extraordinary features, best safety, and high fuel efficiency. Tata Harrier is better known for its finest looks and build quality. With an update to the BS6 engine after its launch in 2019, Tata competes with other high-end luxury models such as Kia Seltos, MG Hector, Hyundai Creta, and many more. The big beast has comfortable seating and is very smooth in driving.

The front appearance reveals a horizontal grille pattern reminiscent of the iconic Aston Martin with the sleek LED DRLs that are smartly inserted on either side of the broad grille. The special attraction with the side profile featuring heavy wheel arches, and adventurous black alloy wheels with a dual 9-spoke layout. The roof panel demonstrates a sporty look to the vehicle. While the rear end has been trimmed with the bucket seats installed to add more comfort and large boot space for huge storage during long journeys.

What Is The Price Of Tata Harrier 2022 Diesel Variants?

With all the Tata Harrier variants being Diesel engines, avail the lowest price of Tata Harrier at PPS Tata Motors Showrooms Chennai for the XE variant with a price tag of Rs. 14.70 Lakh, ex-showroom. The other variants include an ex-showroom price with XM costing Rs. 16.10 Lakh, XMS at Rs. 17.21 Lakh, XT and XMA AT pricing Rs. 17.40 Lakh, XMAS AT is set at Rs. 18.51 Lakh, XT Plus Dark Edition with a price tag of Rs. 18.55 Lakh, XZ at Rs. 18.80 Lakh, XZ Dual Tone priced at Rs. 19.00 Lakh, XTA Plus costs Rs. 19.50 Lakh, XTA Plus Dark Edition AT set at Rs. 19.85 Lakh, XZS comes with a price tag of Rs. 20.00 Lakh, XZA AT at Rs. 20.10 Lakh, XZS Dual Tone costs Rs. 20.20 Lakh, XZA Dual Tone AT pricing Rs. 20.30 Lakh.

Tata Harrier price lists continue with more variants at our PPS Tata Motors Dealers Chennai as XZS Dark Edition set at Rs. 20.35 Lakh, XZ Plus with a price tag of Rs. 20.40 Lakh, XZ Plus Kaziranga Edition at Rs. 20.61 Lakh, XZ Plus Dark Edition costs Rs. 20.75 Lakh, XZ Plus Jet Edition set at Rs. 20.90 Lakh, XZAS AT at Rs. 21.30 Lakh, XZAS Dark Edition at Rs. 21.65 Lakh, XZA Plus AT at Rs. 21.70 Lakh, XZA Plus Dual Tone AT at Rs. 21.90 Lakh. On the higher side, Tata Harrier Top Model Price relates to the XZA Plus Jet Edition AT set at Rs. 22.20 Lakh, ex-showroom.

Does Harrier have wireless charging?

The Jet edition adds cosmetic changes and new features to the Tata Harrier. It incorporates the wireless charging feature on 2 different variants only. This specific aspect develops an organized dashboard experience that Tata adds premiumness to XZ Plus Jet and XZA Plus Jet variants through Tata Harrier. The wireless charging feature supplements the convenience for the occupants. The Jet edition comes exclusively in the Bronze shade with a Platinum Silver roof. Additionally, the Harrier introduces additional features to Jet variants like a driver drowsiness alert, after impact braking system, panic brake alert, and USB C-type charger in all rows. On the other hand, both variants get Apple Carplay, Wireless Android, and Auto/  Air purifier.

Which variant of Tata Harrier has a sunroof?

Tata has introduced a sunroof option on selected models of Harrier – XMS, Tata Harrier XT Plus, XMAS, 2021 XT Plus Dark Edition, XTA Plus, XTA Plus Dark Edition, XZS, XZS Dual Tone, XZS Dark Edition, XZ Plus, XZ Plus Dual Tone, Kaziranga XZ Plus, 2021 XZ Plus Dark Edition, XZ Plus Jet, XZAS, XZAS Dual Tone, XZAS Dark Edition, XZA Plus, XZA Plus Dual Tone, Kaziranga XZA Plus, 2021 XZA Plus Dark Edition, XZA Plus Jet.

Does Harrier have electronic parking brake?

The Tata Harrier is considered to take on all kinds of journeys with safety as one of the top parameters. EPB significantly enables hill hold control and takes away the need to manually stretch out the handbrake. Keeping in mind additional safety, Tata has included Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) with auto-hold and all-four disc brakes as the top aspects of the Jet edition of Harrier. However, the brand misses this feature on all other variants at the current point in time.


Tata Harrier is the best recommendation for consumers going across the affordable price range for the purchase of a premium SUV. Walk in or browse our different locations online and find the nearest PPS Tata Motors Near Me, for users who are location specific in finding desired variants. With a reputed customer experience, the big vehicle holds an exceptional ride quality across multiple variants comprising the BS6 engine. XE is the ultimate choice for economical users with Jet Edition as the best preference for those affording the worth and top value. there are different other choices as a pick for different reasons.

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