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Why is the TEC Registration Process too Difficult?

Tec Registration

TEC registration is the most challenging telecommunication to acquire. And there is not one but many reasons behind it. Not only does it annoy the TEC officials, but it also reduces the chances of you getting the TEC certificate. However, because people don’t know about it, they tend to poke the Telecommunication Engineering Centre to provide them with the certificate as quickly as possible.

The Telecommunication Engineering Center deals with the most important products – the telecom devices. Without the scrutiny that this body provides, you will always doubt the quality of telecom products, be it a router or a Wi-Fi device, when they arrive at your doorstep.

Perhaps that’s why getting your hands on the TEC certificate is so tricky if you’re an importer or a manufacturer. However, you know that you’re mostly unaware of it.

Every day, the Engineering Center gets thousands of applications. It doesn’t have to entertain all of them. As a result, those who lack patience try to rush to this body to process their application early. In doing so, they are doing something risky. Simply put, they are trying to incur the wrath of this center and might waste no time cancelling their request.

That’s why we are writing this blog. Here, you will know the reasons behind the difficulty of TEC Registration. Take them to heart if you genuinely wish to import and start dealing with telecommunication products.

Reason 1: The queue of TEC applications is long

You must know that you’re not the only one trying to obtain a TEC certificate in India. From a manufacturer to an importer, everyone has that requirement. It is an essential regulatory need that has arisen when India’s Telecom sector is growing at a rapid speed.

Thus, after you submit the TEC certificate online, realize that it will be some time before the DOT picks up your application.

Reason 2: Most applications don’t have the correct details

To get a TEC certificate, many apply for shoddy application forms. Such forms don’t have the correct details, and most of them can confuse even the Telecom engineering center. As a result, it takes time for the officials to analyze the application and draft a report correctly.

And the only reason that happens is that the Engineering Center wants to provide the reason behind the objection. Not only does it make the certification procedure more time-intensive, but it also provides necessary scrutiny of your application form.

Reason 3: Product testing takes time

Just because you have gotten your telecom product tested at a NABL-accredited lab doesn’t mean that TEC won’t test it in the in-house laboratory. And that procedure takes time.

Because the testing procedure happens on three levels, namely, safety, frequency and regulatory, you can’t expect the process to be over in a week. In many cases, especially if the telecom product is complex, testing can take months.

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The process of TEC certification, as you can see, is not an easy one. You might think that the application filing, the testing and the documentation processes are the ones that take time. You only get the certificate after the TEC has taken care of everything.

But, that’s not the case.

Think of the barrage of reasons the Telecommunication Engineering Centre have to be sure of to issue you the TEC registration.

Therefore, you must never try to rush the process; it will only be your undoing, and it won’t bode well for the future of your telecom business.

Our telecom consultant has developed enough camaraderie with TEC officials to ensure that you don’t have to wait to get the certification.

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