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Why Should Telematics Data Be Transparent?

Why Should Telematics Data Be Transparent
Why Should Telematics Data Be Transparent

Fleet management software collects huge amounts of data from various sources. But what use is this data if it is not used adequately? One of the biggest mistakes fleet managers can make is underestimating how important the data they can access through their fleet management software can be. 

Data transparency along all levels of the fleet management systems is the way to do for better fleet management. Wondering why? Find out in this article! 


What is Telematics Data and Where Does it Come From?

Telematics for fleet management data is the basis of modern vehicle tracking and management. This data helps fleet managers understand how and how well their fleet is performing. It includes information such as 

  • Vehicle’s live location 
  • Fuel consumption rate 
  • OBD data such as tire pressure, harsh acceleration, emission, etc. 


Fleet management data has two sources:


  • Vehicle Data: Vehicle data is collected through OEM cloud interaction, vehicle diagnostic ports, or additionally installed sensors. This data provides accurate insights on vehicle’s mileage, fault codes, engine hours, and battery health among other things. 
  • Driver Data: Driver data is collected through feedback forms. It provides insights into a vehicle’s performance on the road. Inclusive of driver behavior analysis, it also helps in technologically differentiating between good and bad driving patterns. 


How Can You Use Data Transparency For Better Fleet Management? 

Data collection and transparency through a potent fleet management software allows drivers and managers to stay aware of the vehicle’s needs. Therefore, it needs to be transparent and visible on all layers of the supply chain. 

Here are some reasons why data transparency is the way to vehicle maintenance and subsequent fleet value maintenance: 


1. Creating an ML-Oriented Maintenance Program 

Managers can input maintenance schedules from OEM data recommendations. This software generates smart maintenance schedules through fed and performance data. 

Connecting these preventative maintenance schedules to vehicle data allows you to be aware of the next maintenance interval. No more can drivers or managers forget maintenance schedules and lose a vehicle’s value by running them in inefficient conditions. 


2. Using Fleet Management Diagnostics to Take Preventative Measures 

Not always are OEM recommendations perfect. This is because they are developed idealistically and not according to your company’s vehicle use and driver performance. Therefore, when software is fed historical telematics data along with OEM recommendations, it can make clear calculations to see if a vehicle is in optimum health. 

Some real-time diagnostics such as oil temperature and tire pressure allow you and your driver to be aware of possible breakdowns beforehand. Therefore, you can prevent running vehicles in inefficient conditions. 


3. Collecting and Displaying Data on Fleet Management on All Levels 

When relying on software, managers can negate Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). These reports allow you to get more insight into the vehicle’s health, value, and performance than computed digits ever could. When data is made transparent, insights are collected from all levels allowing maximum accuracy. 

When data is displayed on all levels, drivers and managers can take the necessary steps without delays. Therefore, you can avoid the slight lag that might lead to irreversible damage to your vehicle and fleet value. 


Fleet Management Solutions to the Rescue 

With the latest technological advancements in the telematics industry, there is very little that cannot be done with a fleet management software. From managing vehicles, their health, drivers, their patterns, to maintaining overall fleet value, fleet management systems have you covered! Therefore, investing in fleet management software is the obvious choice for a highly profitable business. 

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