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Why Use App-Based Fleet Management Software?

Why Use App-Based Fleet Management Software
Why Use App-Based Fleet Management Software

Computers and phones have become an important part of our lives. However, it is mostly the mobile phone we can never seem to be away from, right? Fleet management software has made fleet managers’ lives breezy. But, how can that ease go one step further? Well, by software providers offering mobile applications for their spectacular SaaS. 


Want to know how app-based fleet management software will help managers focus on what’s more important? Continue reading this article for more information! 


What is an App-Based Fleet Management System? 

Apps are to smartphones what software is to computers. This means, for any special set of functions put together in one software to run on a smartphone, you will need an app. 


App-based fleet management systems are software that can both run on a computer and a phone. While the software works perfectly on the system, the application version of the software allows functions to run on smartphones. 


With the help of application systems, the software can become more comprehensive and accessible. Moreover, applications expand the software’s scope  in the long run by putting together nifty accessibility and interface in your palms. 

How Are Fleet Management Apps Better Than Desktop Software?

Mobile app versions of any software are more-or-less replicas of the desktop software, right? So, what is the fuss about every good fleet management system coming with application backing? Well, the reasons are many yet simple and are explained below:

  • Accessibility 

By now, we all know that smartphones are much more accessible than laptops and computers. First of all, for heavy-duty fleet management software to run all its functions smoothly, you will probably need a dedicated computer system. However, a mobile application can carry all the important functions within your phone. 


Since mobile phones are much more accessible than computers, so are mobile fleet management applications. 

  • Easy Interface 

Most mobile apps are meant to be much more user-friendly than software. The reason for this is simple – they need to execute specific functions from a small screen. 


While computer software might get confusing with the large variety of options available, mobile applications are meant to be much more straightforward. Most applications even work on the task funnel system wherein all users have to do is follow the instructions on screen to get things done. 


  • Quick Updates Through Notifications 

With a mobile application, you can have your entire fleet information encased in your jeans’ pocket. So if you need quick updates, your phone application will be the obvious and more comfortable counterpart of desktop software. 


Moreover, if the software needs to send you alerts and notifications, you’re more likely to view them on the phone instead of your computer. 


  • Track From Anywhere 

Suppose you’re traveling and need to track your vehicles remotely. Do you think you can carry your computer while in a car? Probably not. In such a case, you will rely on a mobile application that will help you get updates on the go. No matter where you are, you’ll get all the updates wherever you want, whenever you want! 


Manage Your Fleet on the Go! 

Vehicle tracking software has its own advantages over mobile applications. However, nobody can negate how important having both of them handy can be. 


So, now that you know how beneficial fleet management applications can be, why not try one for yourself? 


No matter what you do, make sure you give preference to software potency before delving into an application, though. So, why not choose the vehicle tracking and fleet management application by  TrackoBit, India’s fastest growing telematics software? We’re sure you’ll quickly see your fleet profits surging!

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