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Why Your Business Needs a Gojek clone App

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The World Today needs Apps like Gojek Clone because the App fulfills almost every Modern-Day Needs. From Taxi Booking from your Home to the Mall 10 Miles Away, to getting yourself Pampered over the weekend with a Full Body Massage. This App is a retreat for everyone who needs On-Demand Services on the go!

This Ready-to-Use App has pretty much every Service an Ordinary Man needs. Enlisted are the Seven Major Components that the App Users will find in the World’s Biggest App – Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022. 


The App Users get access to 70+ On-Demand Services, grouped into 7 Major components. These Components are: 

Online Taxi Booking

Book a Taxi or Moto Ride from X Location to Y within the same city. Add Multiple Stop-Over Points to East, Shop, or Halt. The App also offers options like Taxi Rentals and Carpooling for an Economical Ride. 

Advanced Uber Delivery Facilities 

KINGX 2022 offers a variety of Parcel Delivery Services. The Users can hire a Professional Delivery Person to get their Parcel delivered from the X to Y Location. The Gojek Clone Delivery Driver will transport the Parcels by Car, Cargo, Truck, and Two-Wheeler Vehicle. 

Online Video Consultation

Users can book an Online Video Consultation with Professional Yoga Instructors, Tutors, Doctors, Advocates, and even Astrologers. Book an Instant Consultation Session or Schedule it at a Later Date and Time!  

Service Bidding with Providers 

The Users can get bids from Carpenters, Home Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, and other Handymen. Once the User Posts a Job on the Gojek Clone, all the Handymen from the selected Categories are sent the Service Request. The interested parties can now ‘Make and Offer’ and start negotiating the Prices!

Book On-Demand Service Providers 

Let the App Users book a Service Provider On-Demand such as a Beauticians, Plumber, Car Washer, Mechanic, Massage Therapist, and many more. The users can select the Service Provider of their choice by comparing the Profiles of numerous Providers available in the Marked Vicinity. 

Users can see the Provider’s Name, Background, Ratings, and Review before hiring them and paying for the Service. 

On-Demand Store Deliveries 

Another Important component of Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 is the Delivery of Items from Stores. It is in this Component that the App User can Order Food from the Restaurant in their Neighbourhood, Groceries from the Supermarket, Flowers, Bottled Water, Medicines from Dispensary, etc.  

Hire a Personal Shopper or Delivery Runner 

This is a unique Component where the App Users can hire a Professional Personal Shopper  or Genie who’ll buy the Ordered Items and deliver them to the User. The Delivery Runner on the other hand runs errands on behalf of the App User. Both of these Professionals’ Services come in handy when you’re running on a tight schedule and have no time for another chore. 


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