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Wonder Weed: The Ins and Outs of CBD

Cannabis legalization for recreational and medical use continues, making it easier to get CBD. Unfortunately, even with materials available in the publication detailing the compound, few people are unsure what it entails, its usage, and how it can help. Its positive effects are considered superior as it makes you feel relaxed without getting you intoxicated or high.

What’s Included

Cannabidiol is an active compound within the Cannabis Plant. Lacking THC’s psychoactive element, CBD products containing some THC are more effective than the traditional hemp fiber.

The Usage

A lot of research has been done on CBD with promising results. People who have Schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. CBD has also gained a lot of attention due to its ease of muscle soreness, body pains, aches, and inflammation. In some circles, it is used as part of beauty products, especially in face oils, as they target acne and fine lines that come with aging. In more severe cases, it is found to help treat childhood epilepsy and seizures.

Types and Measurement

CBD is available in several forms allowing you to choose the most preferred method. The most common forms are as follows:

Oils and tinctures

Infusion is done on edible oil with CBD and placed under the tongue using a dropper. The compound’s effects are felt quickly, with tiny capillaries absorbing the liquid fast.


CBD-infused creams are topical and are manufactured for usage to treat muscles and joint pain. Some creams treat skin conditions like eczema.


Many CBD capsules are used to treat seizures and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating digestive issues.


Full spectrum CBD gummies are the most popular form of CBD. Discreet, they are also tasty, affordable, and portable and still take the correct dosage due to strict measurements.


Although popular at the onset of the introduction of CBD, vaping CBD oils in the form of e-cigs is now slow. However, its effect is immediate as it gets directly into the bloodstream from the lungs when inhaled.

Introduction to CBD

When starting with CBD, start slow before gradually increasing the dosage. Before switching from one form to another, begin by limiting the currently used and introducing the new preferred method steadily to let the body get used to it and see how it reacts. When using for health reasons, stick to the dosage amounts recommended by a doctor. When used recreationally, stick to safe amounts on packaging labels.

Although data about CBD is still not complete, it offers many potentials. Talk to a doctor before starting to use CBD products. Research on all types before sticking to one form.


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