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Best Practices to Promote and Market Your Hybrid Event!

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A hybrid event is a combination of both in-person and online meetings. For instance, trade shows, conferences, seminars, workshops, product launches, exhibitions, and more can be good examples. Every event, which is both virtual and on-site, is known as a hybrid event as some participants are available at the venue and others are connected online.

But while planning a hybrid event, it is also vital to plan the promotions and marketing. Promotion is the way to call more and more attendees and create a high-level event. If you want to reach a global audience through your event, marketing & spreading awareness are essential.

But how? If you are looking for some tips that can be helpful for you to promote your event, here are some best practices you can consider for better marketing.


12 Ways to Promote and Market Your Hybrid Event!

No matter how good your plan or event is, you can not grab more attendees without proper promotion, and less audience can be an event failure. So, consider the below practices to market your hybrid events better.


  • Encourage Registered Visitors for Sharing 

You should motivate the visitors already convinced and registered to share the event with other people through social media or texting. It can help you get more audience as it becomes easy for people to entrust the one they know already and do something similar like them.


  • Use Email Marketing

You must promote your hybrid event and make sure even your existing users know what you are up to. So, share some emails promoting your event. You can share the event subject and every session conducted at the event. Provide a link to reach the registration page or more information page.


  • Promote on Your Official Site

Announcements at your official sites make it easy for the users to trust that it’s really you who is conducting the event. Some people do not trust the information available here and there. So, providing them an authentic place to confirm every detail can be your official site in the first place.


  • Leverage Your Sponsors

You can encourage your sponsors to promote the hybrid event details on their website pages, social media platforms, and other digital channels they are working with. You can use their subscriber list to send promotional emails or publish a guest post in their blog corner. Make sure you take permission from sponsors. But still, work closely with them to share the emails and information right.


  • Involve Your Speakers in Promotions

You can display your speakers to the event banners, image ads, and teaser videos. Introducing the experts with whom attendees will have discussions or listen to the lecture will be more effective. This way, you can influence the users & increase the sign-ups to your hybrid event.


  • Include a QR Code for Event Details

You can incorporate QR [quick response] codes that take the visitors to the latest update about your event. You can use it for marketing through both digital or traditional billboards, but make sure to share interesting data in it to attract the public to your event. With the best hybrid event platform , you can get this and many more features for your event.


  • Use Content Marketing Strategies

Everyone knows content is king; that’s why writing is the evergreen marketing strategy, which will never get old. Reading is a part of everyone’s life. No matter in what form, everyone reads at least 3-4k words a day, whether on a roadside banner or online texts.

You can start with writing articles and guest blogs, which you can post on some websites that welcome guests to promote their service and events. Use a more influential and impressive style of writing that can persuade your readers and take them to the landing page at least once.

The second way is to reach the masses through a PR campaign. You can publish a personal PR sharing about the topic & thoughts of your events. Share statements of your CEO or spokesperson who can share crucial information about the event well.


  • Use Social Media Promotions

The best way to reach the youth is through social media marketing. You should maintain your image on social media and post updates from time to time to let the youngsters know what you are up to and how they can become a part of it.

You can choose either the organic or the paid way of promotion to make your event post & ad acquire more potential customers. You can easily reach the target audience by using the various filters and features.

You can start your own Twitter hashtag or use a unique hashtag & build momentum on Twitter and make it reach more people. Same on Facebook and Instagram, you can share posts and reels to boost your promotion.


  • Opt for Paid Search

You can leverage Google Ads for paid search ads as it is the most reliable tool. It can help you quickly promote your event using valuable keywords, as per the users’ Google search. Also, you can find suitable external promotion channels to share what you have in brief and get more visitors.


  • Offer Several Deals & Discounts

The best way to grab audience attention is by offering exciting deals. You can try having some early-bird discounts to work with first-come, first-serve so that you can get sign-ups at the start as much as possible efficiently. Also, you can hand out exclusive Branded merch like caps, t-shirts, or other items with your brand name on them. Everyone loves free stuff so, it can get you more engagements for sure.


  • Use Visual Promotion Ideas

Visuals always attract an audience more than anything, which means you must try it for sure. You can create exciting teaser videos like a movie trailer, sharing a recap about what the audience can expect from your hybrid event. Secondly, you can create infographics, like charts, symbols, images, text, maps, and icons to boost social engagement and promote your event.


  • Incorporate Mascots to Represent Event Values

You can create a cartoon mascot to represent your event values and positive vibes to the audience. Also, provide a photo booth to take selfies with these mascots as everyone loves to do so.

So, these are the best practices that you must use to promote or market your hybrid event. This way, you can grant enough attention from the audience. Make sure you reach the best hybrid event platform to get better features and impressive ambiance to make your participants attend your future events.

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