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Main Heading: Top 5 lake treks in India. 

Overview: Trekking would be more exciting and enchanted if it was a Lake trek. There are so many exciting adventures to perform in this country. But trekking is unique excellence. Many tourists across the globe attend to perform these treks, especially the lake trek. It also welcomes the photographer because of the spectacular view. Which can make their blog more vibrant. Some of the top lake treks in India are Kareri Lake Trek, Chadar Lake Trek, Tso Lhamo Lake Trek, Prashar Lake Trek, and Great lake Trek, etc. Although there are various Lake treks in India. These are a few treks that fall in the chart of the top 5!  

Kareri Lake treks-Himachal Pradesh: 

Kareri Lake Trek, which is one of the most fascinating lake treks in India. One of the greatest flexes about this trek is suitable for all kinds of the trek. It welcomes even the beginner trekker as it is of moderate difficulty. Although there might be a slight challenge on the summit. But it still is worth the climb. The trek distances are approximately 26 kilometres. The altitude of this trek is approximately 9500 feet. The initial point of this trek starts from Dharamkot. From here the most fascinating journey starts and ends at Mcleodganj. 

Chadar Lake Trek- Ladakh:

Chadar Lake Trek is an ideal lake trek to perform. It’s a difficult trek. So, it might be quite challenging for beginner trekkers. Trekkers with prior trekking experience and physical preparation are eligible to accomplish till the final point. To perform this, you should be pretty well trained physically and mentally. The total distances a trekker will be covering are nearly 62 kilometres. In which the trekker will be exploring a lot about the villages, rivers, waterfalls and the most dramatic mount cliffs. It would take nine days to complete the trek but it was all worth the days! The favourable time to perform this trek is during quick January to Mid February. The initial point of the trek is the Guest House in Leh. From where the actual trek begins. 

Tso Lhamo Lake Trek- Sikkim: 

Tso Lhamo Lake is one noble but must-visit goal. It is discovered at a length of approximately 6000 metres, which brings about the elevated lake in India and one of the tallest on the planet. It is furthermore understood as Calamus Lake. You can perform this trek at any time of the year. Each season here lends a different experience. All the seasons are suitable and mesmerising. If you are a snow admirer then the appropriate time to attend this lake trek is during December. It’s the actual time when it snows. While trekking, you will also get an opportunity to look after some of the significant minor villages located on the path of your journey. Not only Villages but also lakes and valleys. Where you can click your amazing snapshots. 

Prashar Lake Trek- Himachal Pradesh 

Prashar Lake Trek is a prominent lake trek in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The initial point of this trek is Panarsa. The total trek distances a trek will be accomplishing here is 16 kilometres. The maximum altitudes of this trek are approximately 3000 metres. Dwell in the homes near the lake while appreciating the lovely sceneries of mighty peaks. Satisfy in the happiness chit-chat contest with your team during a bonfire beneath the atmosphere full of stars. Trek through some of the greatly tremendous roads coated in pine trees & various rivers. Do not skip out on grasping the Himalayan contour during sunset. The trekking can be accomplished within 2 days. The trekker will explore a lot and get to learn about Prashar lake. With a heavy memory start descending to Jwalapur. 

Great Lake Trek- Jammu and Kashmir:

Great lake trek is an extremely satisfying adventurous lake trek in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The gorgeous Alpine and snow-clad cliffs will stroll through the ways, and fresh pastures, jagged landscapes are there to span the voyage. It would take probably 7 Days to accomplish the trek. In which you will cover a distance of 72 metres. The altitude of this trek is 13, 800 feet. It’s a moderate trek. The most promising time to attain this lake trek is July to September as it is analysed! The initial point of this trek is Sonmarg and the final point is Naranag. 

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