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What are the advanced features of Kotlin for Android app development process

Top Kotlin features

If there is any programming language after Java to build an android Application is Kotlin. Kotlin is a new and advanced programming language that Java powers, and Kotlin code complies with JVM bytecode. Also, there are a lot of Kotlin new features that allow you to build applications without any compromises on the performance. Further, in this blog, we will talk about some of the Kotlin programming languages advantages that will help you build your next android Application or hire Kotlin developers.

Here are the top 7 Kotlin features given below:

Kotlin: An open-source programming language

Out of all Kotlin programming language features, the best thing is that it is an open-source coding language. Also, there are different tools available such as single-click tools, that allow the developer to convert their existing Java code to Kotlin code. If you work as an Android Application Developer and want to learn about Kotlin’s new features, try doing some online courses or joining a community that will help you sharpen your skills.

Kotlin is interoperable with Java

One of the best features is that your code written in Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java. This is why most java developers are now migrating to Kotlin to program Android Applications. Your code will run on the top of the JVM, which supports all the Java libraries and offers interoperability.

Developers only need to switch to Kotlin without making any changes in the codebase which also saves a lot of time and effort. All the features are available for Kotlin also; if you want to migrate from Kotlin to Java, that is also possible without any additional need for parameters.

Kotlin Offers Lazy Loading

Lazy loading offers less time to startup, which is essential for android applications. Most developers aim to reduce the time for loading applications, and hence with lazy loading, they can quickly load the resources to the memory and do necessary functionality. For example, if there is a shopping app, most users would be purchasing goods, making the payment API relatively slow.

Collection Filtering

API working is reasonably necessary for Applications, and developers often need to use collections. Kotlin offers the functionality that allows you to filter collections easily without looking for a complete result. This feature is natively only available to Kotlin, unlike other mobile Application building technologies or programming languages.

Smart Cast Function

From the developers’ perspective, this is the essential feature since it helps developers reduce the application performance time and makes it quite fast. It is quietly helpful to identify the type of any Kotlin function. For all operations, there is a specific code written that improves efficiency. If you want to perform tasks like identifying the string, you can easily do this with the use of the Smart Cart function.

It is quite reliable and safe

One of the security features that Kotlin natively owns, like other Kotlin features over Java, is the Null function Safe. It is the method that helps the application developers avoid errors like “NullPointErexception”. Also, with such a method, you can prevent mistakes and ignore nullable types. Further, you can use it to simplify the debugging of the Android Application.

Low Cost

Kotlin is Pocket-friendly. This is one of the most crucial Kotlin features over Java. Building applications using Kotlin doesn’t let you burn your pocket, and hence many entrepreneurs prefer to use it for developing the prototype. Kotlin is open source and does not require you to get into the technicalities of the license. Also, when comparing Kotlin Programming language with other programming languages, users do not need to spend a lot of time to learn this.

The Final Words

We have already discussed some Kotlin features over Java that help new developers onboard and quickly develop the applications. Kotlin has many features that Java doesn’t have natively. Some of the features, such as lazy loading, make it a pretty good choice to build mobile applications. Comparing it with Java, Kotlin seems to be quite a better language with better documentation than Java or another programming language.

It is not like you can use Kotlin for mobile application development, but you also can use it for building web applications. Developers prefer to use Kotlin as a backend programming language instead of Java. Also, many developers have already made front-end applications instead of coding them in JS or Javascript. If you are looking to hire Kotlin developers for your subsequent Application development, you can choose Kotlin developers to make your work easy and less expensive.

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