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How To Calculate Costs Of Outsourcing Patient Support Functions To A BPO Company For Healthcare?

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Excellent patient support is key to your healthcare business. But, at the same time, delivering top-quality patient support on a consistent basis can also be quite challenging. As your patient numbers continue to grow, you will face numerous challenges in maintaining high standards in patient support. As a result, outsourcing your patient support functions to a BPO company for Healthcare is ideally the intelligent choice. This will help you maintain consistency and quality in patient engagements and save you a ton of money.

Important Benefits Of Outsourcing Patient Support To A BPO Company For Healthcare

Outsourcing your patient support responsibilities to a medical BPO contact center has loads of benefits to offer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced responsibilities for core medical staff

Taking patient engagements off the hands of your core medical team means that they have a lesser workload. Without additional responsibilities, they have more time on their hands to dedicate to their core activities – medical care.

  • Improved efficiency of core activities

Once your core medical team can dedicate more time and effort to patient care, the quality of treatments in your medical facility is bound to improve. This will also improve patient outcomes, helping patients recover from the ailments sooner.

  • Improved Patient Engagements

Patients require much more than just medical care and treatments. They also expect their queries to be answered, their complaints to be heard, and their issues to be resolved. With efficient Medical call center outsourcing, you can deliver superior patient experiences by offering prompt resolutions to patients.

  • Reduced operating costs

Outsourcing to a healthcare contact center saves you the expenses of hiring, training, and operating in-house patient interaction teams. The healthcare contact center does all the hiring and training. You simply have to pay the cost of operating the patient support team depending on the requirements of your business.

Other benefits of outsourcing to a BPO company for Healthcare include lead generation, post-treatment patient surveys, running awareness campaigns, etc. These benefits can help your business create satisfied and happy customers. In addition, the value-added services of healthcare contact centers also help you improve brand recognition and customer loyalty. This impacts customer retention and boosts referrals to your healthcare business.

Calculating Costs For Medical Call Center Outsourcing

When you outsource your patient support functions to a healthcare BPO company, you can save large amounts of money. However, you still have to pay the healthcare contact center for their services. Hence, it would help to calculate these expenses before engaging a healthcare contact center for your patient engagements.

The cost of Medical call center outsourcing is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Your requirements

This includes the number of contact center agents you need. For example, do you need agents for a single shift or multiple shifts? Do you need agents only for voice communications, or do you need them for non-voice communications too? Do you need agents for communication in a single language or multilingual communications? Your patient support requirements will determine the number of contact center agents you need, which will invariably impact your costs.

  • The healthcare contact center location

The cost of hiring a BPO company for Healthcare in the United States is more than that of a healthcare contact center in an Asian country or Africa. At the same time, costs vary for different countries in Asia or Europe. For example, the hiring expenses of a medical call center in India may differ from that of the Philippines. The difference in these costs is mostly due to the differences in their economies, available labor, etc., between these nations.

  • The Healthcare BPO Company you choose

Even when engaging a healthcare BPO company in the same country, the costs vary from one company to the other. Top healthcare BPO companies are sure to charge more than smaller firms or startups. This is because their quality, experience, expertise, etc., have helped them earn a good reputation in the industry globally. As a result, they have the liberty to demand higher prices for their Medical call center outsourcing services. On the other hand, startups are still trying to gain a foothold in the industry. Hence, they offer competitive prices to attract new clients to their business.

  • Unexpected Fluctuations

There may be times when you must increase the number of contact center agents to cover spikes in customer interactions. Or you may need to deal with other external factors like natural calamities in your service areas, global pandemics, etc. These unforeseen circumstances can create unexpected spikes in the volume of incoming patient inquiries. You will need to increase your patient support teams to deal with these circumstances, which will result in additional expenses.

Outsourcing your patient support to a BPO company for Healthcare can deliver fantastic results for your patient engagements. However, you must only hire a healthcare BPO company after carefully determining their value to your healthcare business.

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