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How to prepare for CLAT in Six months | CLAT preparation tips

CLat preparation in 6 months
CLat preparation in 6 months

HOW TO UTILIZE THE LAST SIX MONTHS OF YOUR CLAT PREPARATION: How to utilize the last six months of your CLAT preparation? Competitive exam is a big deal in India (like the CLAT exam). Lakhs of students across the country compete for certain seats. The competition is brutal, and most of the exams are quite tough. To swim above the competition and clear any competitive exam, a student must put in tremendous effort and time.

CLAT is one such competitive exam in India that is conducted for law aspirants. Common-Law Admission Entrance Test is conducted once a year, and students can take admission in law colleges through CLAT score.
Thousands of students appear for the CLAT exam. The difficulty of the exam and the cut-throat competition make it one of the most challenging law entrance exams. The last six months are crucial for law aspirants. The student should focus on the exam, make a proper study schedule, study all the topics and revise as much as possible. If you feel weak in any subject you can join the best CLAT coaching in Lucknow for CLAT preparation.

Last six months CLAT preparation: Know the topics and topics

An essential thing to do before you start planning your schedule is to analyze the topics asked in the exam. It is necessary to know all the topics from which questions can be asked. CLAT exam is divided into five subjects, English, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude and General Knowledge.

Last Six Months CLAT Preparation: Prepare a Study Schedule

Once you have made a list of all the topics and topics, take a mock test. CLAT Mock Tests will help you to understand clearly the topics which you find difficult and easy. After giving the mock test, analyze the result report, it will give you an insight as to how and where to focus your time more.
After knowing about all the topics and how well you know each topic, start making a study chart.

Last Six Months CLAT Preparation Tips: Practice is the key

There are 150 questions and only two hours to answer them. This means that, for one question, a student gets about half a minute. To get up to speed, students must practice at least 100 questions for each topic.

  • Keep solving questions for maths continuously. Learn new shortcuts and try different types of questions. Familiarize yourself with all the formulas and keep solving problems from Aptitude Books till you gain speed, accuracy and confidence.
  • To do well in the English section, read newspapers, books, and practice comprehension paragraphs. Increase
  • your reading speed and learn new words every day to improve your vocabulary.
  • For Legal Aptitude, read about the subjects in detail.
  • For general knowledge, upgrade your geography and history knowledge, and stay connected with current affairs by reading newspapers and updating yourself on world news.
  • For logical reasoning, revolve around a question and solve multiple questions to get an idea of ​​what the correct answer is.

CLAT preparation for the last six months: Mock tests to the rescue

Practice is an integral part of any competitive exam preparation. But the most important key to crack the actual exam with confidence is to give mock tests.
The reason for CLAT’s emphasis on giving mock tests to high-scorers, teachers and expert students is because:
1. Taking individual subject mock tests will help the students to understand how well they know the subject and individual subjects.
2. Taking complete mock tests will help you understand the pattern of the exam.
3. Make sure to take at least five full-length mock tests to gain confidence.
4. Giving mock tests will help in increasing the speed and accuracy.
5. No surprises (or setbacks) during the exam hall.
6. Timely completion of the actual test.
Make sure to spend the last two weeks before the actual CLAT exam by giving mock tests.

Know the exam pattern.

Use the last six months wisely to get into a great law school. To get into the best law school, you need to score a high CLAT score. Know the exam pattern and plan your time accordingly.
Some of the key things you need to know about the exam include:
1. There is a negative marking in the exam. For each correct answer, one mark will be awarded to the student, but 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. Therefore, answer only those questions that you know the answer to with confidence. Do not indulge in speculation.
2. The exam consists of five sections, and each section has a different time limit.
3. General Knowledge section has 35 – 39 questions and 20 – 25 minutes to complete this section.
There is a total of 150 questions, make sure to answer at least 100-110 within two hours to crack the test.
plan ahead of time

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