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Is It Worth It to Upgrade from Free to Premium Slack?

Slack pricing
Slack pricing

Slack is one of the most widely used tools for business collaboration and communication with teammates. Every software strives to provide all the necessary features for steadfast workflow. Slack is free, and users must upgrade according to their needs to avail of more benefits.

Before concluding, if the free or upgraded version of Slack is better, it is essential to understand Slack’s features and unique properties.

Characteristics of Slack software:

1. Creating channels

  • To exchange ideas and thoughts of similar interests, channels are created to keep them collected in a place. As users keep conversing, media become archives and are stored.
  • To maintain security, private channels can be created too for maximum secrecy.

2. Communication

  • Like any other tool, messaging is quick, and users can schedule their messages too.
  • All the necessary tools can be found in the slack directory without switching tabs in between.

3. Business conference

  • Employees can video conference and record the meetings too. Screen share software is in-built, and screen recordings can be done.
  • Removing the physical barriers like cabins and walls in an office, Slack provides its employees with a digital HQ to make a comfortable and friendly workplace.

4. Elements to ease the task

  • Keyboard shortcuts make accessibility in a click. Unread and read messages can be distinguished while marking them as read or unread.
  • The screen reader reads aloud the text and makes proofreading and editing easy.
  • Emoji and GIFs can be animated, zoom in and zoom out can be done as per convenience. Display mode and contrast settings are also added features.
  • Several businesses find it challenging to select a suitable communication app for their employees. Even if it is successfully chosen, subscribing or using free software is the question every corporation has to face.

Slack pricing is affordable and approved by many reputable firms.

There are three plans Slack Pro, Slack Business, and Slack Enterprise Grid.

Pro, Business, and Enterprise have advanced elements and privileges. Slack pricing in India is done keeping in mind the small-and large-scale establishments and their requirements.

Free plan:

  • Basic features of communicating through text, audio, and one-to-one video calls are present.
  • Sharing files and connecting with other apps is permissible in the free plan.
  • Up to 10 apps can be integrated by selecting from the directory.
  • Unlimited private and public channels are there in the free package itself.

Slack Pro:

  • Slack Pro increases its limit for video calling for 15 members.
  • Unlimited access to apps and invite a guest to utilize the application.
  • Support and help are obtainable on a priority basis.
  • Storage is up to 10 GB per person.

Slack Business:

  • Slack Business promises help and tech support within 4 hours of arising the issue.
  • Message history can be customized. Users can select what they want to reveal and what to conceal. Deletion logs and messaging logs make this possible.
  • Security is not negotiated. Slack ensures maximum privacy and data protection.

Slack Enterprise:

  • Slack enterprise offers ultimate services to its subscribers.
  • Unlimited channels can be created with an infinite workspace.
  • Added security feature which keeps the company breach-proof.
  • The easy user interface allows users to work effortlessly.
  • Monotonous routine tasks can be automated; this saves time and effort.
  • Connectivity among customers, employees, and partners is in a single place. The need to switch between apps and tabs is not required.

Is it worth investing money in complete slack plans?

Many users recommend slack. It is straightforward and instantaneous communication software. The interface and the ease to use make working a less tiring affair.

Compared to other software, Slack offers discounts and offers for Indian-based companies.
The pricing is satisfactory, and even if employees use the accessible version of Slack, all necessary features are included in the complimentary plan.

The slack-free plan is the best option for startups and businesses with few employees. As the company expands, the program can be switched to premium as per need.

For mammoth organizations, Slack enterprise suits best. Always select the proper plan by considering the features you are looking for and the budget.

If you find the features limited, the plan can be upgraded and used immediately.

As the price of every premium plan is affordable, on a trial basis, pro, business, and enterprise plans can be selected when uncertain about the plan to choose.

Whichever you find most favorable can be selected. Slack does not charge for its inactive users. As per requirement, the plans are chosen, and when you find that your needs are not matching the services, you will know that’s the time to upgrade. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention; in this case, necessity is the reminder for an upgrade or a change in plan.

Free or Paid, Slack undoubtedly provides full specifications for free and charges for the genuinely worthy attributes. After comparing Slack with all the other software for communication, you will likely return to Slack premium plans and do not select other communication software as you will find Slack a better option than others.


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