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5 Restaurants to Find Halal Food in Saigon

Halal is the Islamic cookery, featuring a special way of medication and a worth- trying taste. It’s now relatively popular with the saigonese, as then live numerous Muslims from the Mekong delta and other countries. Some of the caffs to find halal food in saigon are kampung melayu, kampung pandan, the daun, and more.

Halal in the Arabic language means legal or admissible. Dishes considered halal must conform to the Islamic diet outlined in the Qur’an. however, continue scrolling down to get the answers you may love if you’re having trouble changing many shops to enjoy halal food in Saigon. If you want to know about halal food restaurants in Hanoi, read here.

1. Kampung Melayu

Address. 1, Nguyen An NinhSt., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Open hour5.30 pm-11 pm
Price range$3.04-$9.56 ( VND- VND)

Located right next to the Ben Thanh Market, this Malaysian- possessed eatery can serve you the most succulent halal food. Coming then, you’ll be offered a wide range of selections. Among them, funk rice and Malay milk tea are recommended. The soft, wet fried rice eaten with scrumptious slices of funk and a mug of sweet milk tea can give you a distinctively rich taste. Such a quintet can be served to 1 person at about$3.43 (vnd).

When coming in a group, you can order a redundant tom yum haze, a sayur Goreng, and a nasi goreng telur, which are also succulent. This halal eatery is only open in the evening, so it’ll be great to have regale then, in the cozy Malay- nominated space, and converse with your musketeers. One thing to take note of is that the small capacity of kampung Melayu might make coming in a big group a bit uncomfortable. Thus, going with 2 to 3 musketeers is recommended.

2. Kampung Pandan

Address. 53, Nguyen Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Open hour 6 am-11.30 pm
Price range$3.04-$15.21( VND- VND)

Rated 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, kampung pandan is largely appreciated in terms of food, service, and price. This Malaysian- run eatery offers a variety of food and drink, from Malaysian halal to Vietnamese emulsion. Thus, it seems that anyone of any culture can find a suitable one to enjoy.

For those eager to try the original halal food, the nasi goreng Pattaya, roti canai, and roti telur ( served with funk curry) are relatively notorious then. Either, if you’re chancing some new tastes, you can enjoy the halal pho, a combination between halal meat and Vietnamese traditional pho.

Each food then has its own succulent taste, which can be also significantly enhanced with a mug of iced milk tea. Generally, a portion then’s relatively large and can make you full for all day so it’s surely worth the price.

The eatery’s open time is relatively long, which means that you can come then for breakfast, lunch, regale, or indeed supper. One further point is that the inside space is relatively well decorated and outsider-friendly. With all its features, kampung pandan seems to be the stylish eatery to find halal food in Saigon, so why don’t you drop by and have a mess then.

3. the Daun

Address. 48, Le LaiSt., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Open hour 12 am-9 pm
Price range$1.75-$13.11 ( VND- VND)

Known everyplace for its mind-blowing halal food, the Daun restaurant is taken into account to be the most effective in Saigon by numerous excursionists; hence; its palm in TripAdvisor food award from 2015 to 2019

Still, also the eatery is the perfect place for you if you are in Saigon and you want halal food. The eatery serves Asian, Vietnamese, and Singaporean cookery and is understood for its Vietnamese beef pho and drinks. The food is reasonable and also the staff and proprietor are veritably nice and polite which makes the eatery is, consequently, a must-visit for any savorer.

4. Saigon Green House

Address. 52, Truong DinhSt., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
Open hour 10 am-10 pm
Price range$2.17-$17.39( VND- VND)

Located right within the center, Saigon greenhouse will give you authentic delicious halal cookery to satisfy your taste. Once you come then you will be offered a wide range of food choices, so you can freely choose and try. Those recommended are sayur goreng, nasi goreng telur, and curry polls. As the eatery has the halal instrument, every dish of it’s authentic and succulent.

Besides the excellent halal cookery, the highlight of the eatery is its professional service. Although the eatery is frequently crowded, the order of food is kind of presto. Thus, you don’t have to stay for a long time to enjoy your mess. The inside space is clean and airy, enough suitable for friend haunts or family gatherings, so you can come then with your musketeers or family.

5. Kedai Muslim Al-Amin

Address. 39, Nguyen An NinhSt., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

As one of the most recommended halal food restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, kedai Muslim al-Amin provides halal cookery at a reasonable price. This eatery could be a favorite among budget Muslim trippers, as it boasts an affordable menu for an eatery within the Ben Thanh area.

Coming then, you can be served a mess that’s on a budget but still features a wide range of food. However, you should choose to try the beef pho and milk coffee as they’re veritably popular, also popular dishes just like the beef pho and their milk coffee are an ideal quintet that makes you full all day if you Muslims are eager to witness the Vietnamese cookery. Considering the price, the dishes served then are surely worth it. The eatery is enough suitable for family refections, due to its cozy inside space, so you can come then with your family to have some great moments with them.

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